April 10, 2018
Susan C. | The Root Cause Protocol helped improve my general health and metabolic issues
It’s testimony time! I’ve had metabolic issues for most of my life: Gut issues established by age 20, Perimenopause in the early ’30s, hit hard with fibromyalgia at 40, cancer at 50, and now at 60………let’s see: more energy, better sleep, happier gut, and a brain that’s sharp and free of fog? Feeling pretty darn good, thanks to Morley Robbins and the Root Cause Protocol. For 20 years I’ve tried one “health” program after another, including the Guaifenesin protocol, elimination diets, and most recently the low-oxalate diet, the only one to make a difference and give me a glimmer of hope. Yet each program was limited in focus, and none offered the path to complete metabolic health that I was seeking. Then came the RCP. Progress has been slow and for 2 long years, my mineral markers refused to budge. It was hard not to lose faith, but l was determined to find out if reducing my iron overload would help. My body gets easily overwhelmed by supplements, so decided to forego the iron-binding and get rid of some blood. I struggle to keep my weight above 100 lb. so traditional blood donation was not an option Fortunately my sister, a nurse practitioner, graciously offered to take ½ pint every 3 months, even though she holds to the medical model. After each of the first two draws, I suffered through 8-10 weeks of dumping/rebalancing which caused strong system-wide flares. But since the third draw, I have felt pretty great, with only brief, mild flares. Every system has improved, and my body and brain feel calm yet energized. After so many years of malfunctioning, it feels like my body is working the way it is supposed to. Moving iron out was the key for me and I feel so blessed to finally be on the path to recovery. I thank God every day for Morley Robbins, his insatiable quest for the keys to restoring health using the body’s own natural processes, and his willingness to put in the time and energy required to accomplish this very important work. Wake up, world, and take note!

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