January 22, 2014
The Truth of Hormone-D…

Recently, one of the MAG-pies asked me about the “real” story on “Vitamin-D…”

Here are my unabashed comments to stimulate your neurons and hopefully nutritional sanity…
“Chances are you have very little valid information about your “true” mineral status… Serum measurements are NOT valid, as serum is “extracellular…” RBC measurements are QUITE valid (because they ARE Intracellular), but can get a bit pricey… HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) is QUITE VALID (it’s looking at tissue levels), but we are “conditioned” to question ANYTHING that is NOT BLOOD as a shaky source, and that is reinforced by practitioners who have been “TRAINED” to regard HAIR as “pure quackery,” which it is NOT.

“You have likely read hundreds of articles, and heard from ALL your family, friends, and work mates, telling you to take Vitamin-D, but what you did NOT know is that they failed to tell you the following important factors:
o Vitamin-D is a HORMONE…and a very powerful one at that…Despite it’s popularity, we as a species are NOT designed to EAT Hormones, but are, in fact, designed to make Hormones from Cholesterol… Hmmm… (You mean Cholesterol is actually good for my health?!?… Yeah, what a surprise!)
o Hormone-D MUST be in balance with Vitamin-A — it has been that way since the dawn of time… VERY FEW tell you that! Chris Masterjohn, PhD is a noted exception and authority here:
o That the conversion of Cholesterol >> Prehormone-D >> Calcidiol >> Calcitriol ALL require ENERGY (Mg-ATP) and Magnesium… Excess intake of “D” really drains your Maggie! (And does a number on your Potassium, btw…)
o That ALL 3 Hormones (Calcitonin, PTH and Hormone-D) that dictate levels and Location of Calcium are ALL activated by Mg… Imagine that… no one pushing “D” has stressed that, have they?…
o That Vitamin-K, the latest MSM (Main Stream Media) nutrient darling, MUST be Carboxylated and Phosphorylated to be biologically effective — fancy words for just another way to use up MORE Mg-ATP…
o That your doctor NEVER suggested you get 3 blood tests to accurately assess your need for Hormone “D”:
   1) Mag RBC (Ref Range: 5.0-7.0mg/dL — please totally ignore the current Ranges — OMg!)
   2) 25(OH)D — Storage Form (Calcidiol)
   3) 1,25(OH)2 D3 — Active Form (Calcitriol)
and if #1 is >6.0mg/dL AND #3 is LOW (please, just IGNORE #2…), then, and ONLY THEN. take a food-based form of Hormone-D, just like your Ancestors did for thousands of years… Yes, somehow they survived and you will, too… And a wonderful source is Cod Liver Oil that your grandparents, great-grandparents and their great-grandparents took…
o And yes, Hormone-D, the OLDEST HORMONE ON PLANET EARTH, is designed to get Calcium INTO the blood (Vitamin-A, btw, gets it into the Bone…) because the environment was very Mg-rich, and Calcium poor — and it was that way for millions of years until ~1900 when the Food Processors started to change it… And please know that excess dietary & supplementary Calcium is NOT your metabolic friend and the research is PROVING THAT IN SPADES (Bolland and Reid, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)… Trust me, there’s a reason why managing Calcium (which is Mg’s job in the body, btw…) is “Job #1” at BIG Pharma… Hey, we can’t rely on a mineral that CANNOT be patented, so let’s use Synthetic Rx Meds, that CAUSE Mg Loss, and then we’ll make billions!… (No doubt, you think I jest, I’m sure…)

“So, waaaaaaaay too much blah, blah, blah… but this topic is MY “Job #1″ to wake MAG-pies up to the metabolic reality of their body, and beat the drums of sanity in allowing the body to get back to metabolic balance…”

I’ll look forward to the blow-back and questions that this will no doubt stimulate…

A votre sante!


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