Therese M. | Lyme & Rickettsias

Posted on February 13, 2019 by RCP Admin

“On the RCP for 2 months and energy and stamina are much better!”

Yes it’s 2 months. I’ve had Lyme Disease with many Rickettsias for 21 years and 2 years ago I became super unwell from trying to work nearly full time and following the Body Ecology Diet, the cultured veges were making me very ill and in the end caused a thyroid problem for me and other spiraling problems. I think I was lacking in Omega-3s with that diet and also not adding minerals to my filtered water.

A neuronutrient therapist friend alerted me to the RCP a couple of months ago. I showed the protocol to my Lyme GP/Functional GP and she was fine for me to go ahead she just told me to stay on low dose zinc and to add Vitamin K2 (as I have osteoporosis) I also take Amino Acids (as people with Lyme and related bacteria are in permanent catabolism trying to use Protein to make Amino’s to make cytokines and interleukins to fight the bacteria) and I take other things for my leaky gut and thyroid and folinic acid and B12 and B2 as I have MTHFR and other poor methylation genes.

I started Phase 2 of the RCP about a week ago and just this past week I’ve really noticed I’m feeling better in energy levels and stamina. This is all amazing as i’ve only been doing RCP for 2 months!

I’m very very grateful to Morley (and the RCP community) for offering the RCP Instruction Manual for free — it’s marvellous and I know its helping me.