April 5, 2018
V.S.F. | The Root Cause Protocol helped with long term Athlete’s Foot
I had athlete’s foot since age 12 so acutely, my little sister wouldn’t sleep in the same hotel room with me. My feet also stink horribly, didn’t matter how much I wash them or I treated them. What over-the-counter and prescription drug I used. It was useless. I really tried everything! Fast forward several decades, I come to find out that foot fungus and athlete’s foot and all these things are related to severe iron toxicity in the organs. I learned that in this group. After going on The Root Cause Protocol, including a borax foot soaks and stopping all the iron supplementation that was killing me all my foot fungus and other fungus left me and never to return. Moral of the story: It is all fungus foot, fungus athlete’s foot, etcetera the root cause of its existence, is in a high iron toxic body. So go on The Root Cause Protocol and follow it. It takes care of all diseases all fungus everything! Kids can also do this protocol easily as well.

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