May 1, 2018
Valeri G. | The Root Cause Protocol helped with my Thyroid issues

Valeri G. – December 2017

I’ve always been a runner. My story begins with that statement because I am happy to say that I am back running. I almost lost who I was and my family to copper/iron dysregulation. In trying to discover what was happening to my health, I discovered copper/iron dysregulation, the role of stress and Morley Robbins.

My symptoms began in 2012. My son had his first of many seizures while away at college. My younger son was in the middle of Jr. High stressors and my dad was dealing with prostate cancer. I was a sponsored runner and my favourite distance was 26.2 miles. The stress that my family was under was indescribable. Looking back, I’m not sure how we survived. But, I kept on running.

My symptoms included weight gain, hair loss, depression, foggy thinking, loss of focus, insomnia, feelings of overwhelm, I even quit reading! But, I kept running.  In the years following. I could feel myself slowing down. My times reflected it. My legs felt li dead and as if they were each 100-pound weights.

I went to a functional medicine doctor, who prescribed a self-care plan that was overwhelming! 32 different pills to take each day. 3 prescriptions. Stop running. Every time I spoke to the clinic, they had me do a test and add a supplement. I tested urine for 24 hours to check my hormones. I tested blood. I did ozone therapy, exercise with oxygen therapy. I did splankna. I went to a spiritual counsellor. I fasted. I prayed. I did everything they asked me to do. I got worse.

I stopped all the recommendations from the functional medicine doctor and ordered my own labs to confirm Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I asked for an ultrasound of my thyroid. The radiologist confirmed that I had nodules. This was a very low point in my life. I was depressed. I was convinced I was slowly dying. This was the exact moment I discovered The Root Cause Protocol.

In July of 2016, I began a job with a 2-hour commute. I listened to podcasts in the car and that is where I first heard Morley. It was an episode of Thyroid Nation. Everything he said made sense. Copper/iron dysregulation is a cause of thyroid problems. I could not believe my ears. Could it really be that simple? I pulled the car over at 6:30 in the morning grabbed a napkin I had in my car and wrote down magnesium, cod liver oil and vitamin C – not citric acid.

On my lunch, I investigated Morley and his Magnesium Advocacy Group. I read every link to every study regarding thyroid health that was on his website. That evening I bought magnesium, cod liver oil and whole food vitamin C. 3 days later, I slept through the night for the first time in over 20 years. I thought it was the placebo effect. I listened to every podcast that featured Morley. I read more studies. I read every book recommended by Morley. I even tried to call a few of the researchers that were cited. I finally realized this was real. This was not a placebo effect. This was the truth. I called Morley and purchased HTMA consultations for myself and my sons. I was fortunate enough to be a student in his first Root Cause Protocol Consultant class. And I now see clients of my own.

I discovered the root cause of my thyroid dysfunction and realized that my sons were experiencing the same issue! Copper/iron dysregulation being expressed as seizures. Copper/iron dysregulation being expressed as anxiety. In my constant search for relief for all three of us, I discovered we all had the same issue, copper/iron dysregulation. It was also what took my mom expressing as bulbar onset ALS. This was the moment I realized I would not die at 62 of ALS, as she did. Now, I see low bioavailable copper and iron toxicity in many of my extended family members expressing as clinical depression, kidney stones, eczema, Raynaud’s Phenomena, and narcolepsy.

I’m paying it forward by helping others regain their own health as an RCP Consultant and Health Coach. My younger son is working full time, preparing for a future he now believes he will live to see. My son with seizures continues to have seizures and we are working on that daily. He continues to make improvements and we are seeing small successes. My dad is on the RCP as he keeps his cancer in check. I fully believe I would not be here without the Root Cause Protocol. Our family continues to deal with life stresses, but we can handle those stresses.

I encourage anyone experiencing any health problem to begin the RCP as best you can. Start slow, listen to the podcasts, read the posts on the FB page, and become familiar with the elements of the RCP. Even if all you can handle right now is the adrenal cocktail, begin there. The important thing is to begin!

Lactation Consultant
Health Coach
RCP Consultant

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