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RCP basics


Ancestral diet related questions

RCP Stops and Starts related

  • Cod liver oil (CLO)
  • Grass fed beef liver
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • B vitamins
  • Iodine
  • Whole food vitamin c


  • Magnesium/calcium balance
  • Elemental magnesium
  • Co-factors of magnesium


  • Understanding more on copper
  • Iron binders
  • Donating blood
  • Detox protocols
  • Emotional stress/mind-body
  • Blue light/EMFs
  • Histamines
  • Adrenal fatigue


Should I stop everything that isn’t on the RCP?

We encourage that you get the extra nutrients from food sources and to be aware of synthetic vitamins as they often do not work as nature intends. Many can have unintended consequences.

Do I need to follow ALL the STARTS EXACTLY for this to work?

Many people see the word “protocol”, and they start envisioning an airplane pilot going through a pre-flight checklist with exact steps and exact sequences. The Root Cause Protocol is intended to be different — it’s about pursuing the right direction, not attaining perfection.  (Please read that again and let it sink in!!!)

You do NOT have to do every START in the exact right in order and dose to begin repairing cellular dysfunction.  (In fact, just quitting the STOPS alone has a notable positive impact.)  This is a process, not a recipe.  So please, stop stressing, and just begin moving forward — quit doing the STOPS today, and then slowly begin implementing the STARTS, step by step, phase by phase.

When should I begin each PHASE?

The answer is ‘it depends’ because it’s based on how your body reacts to each nutrient.  Then there are others who’ve taken 18 months (or longer) to implement these STARTS because their bodies needed that much time to detox and acclimate.  Your speed of introduction will vary depending on many variables – it’s best to listen to your body rather than a set schedule or expectation of speed.

How long do I need to follow these steps?

The Root Cause Protocol is a lifestyle change — your body will always need minerals like magnesium and Wholefood Vitamin Complexes like A, C, E, etc.

The STARTS are designed to be followed indefinitely as they are the key nutrients missing in the modern diet today, laden with refined and processed foods.  The Phases are also additive — when you begin Phase 2, you should still continue following Phase 1, and so on.  

Please understand that The Root Cause Protocol is ultimately about education and empowerment — our desire is to help you understand the root cause of your health challenges so that you can implement these steps and take greater control of your health.

What about other supplements like Co-Q10, Probiotics, etc? Should I stop everything that isn’t on the RCP?

If a particular item is not listed in the STOPS or the STARTS, that means I’ve not read enough peer-reviewed research to establish an official position either way. But my passion in life is reading scientific literature. (Yes, I’m a total nerd!) So as I uncover new steps, and as I learn what is working best in the RCP community, the protocol will be updated, and you’ll receive an email notifying you of changes.

In the meantime, please consider joining the premium RCP Community and posing your non-RCP product specific questions there. The RCP Community is filled with many who have been implementing RCP in their own lives, and they likely have experience with the product you wish to know about.

What if I’m pregnant or nursing?

All of the RCP steps are recommended during pregnancy EXCEPT for Diatomaceous Earth, Stabilized Rice Bran, and Donating Blood — those can be introduced AFTER you’ve stopped nursing.  


Also, we always encourage that you share this RCP Instruction Manual with your doctor so that you are both on the same page, and so that they can be educated on the RCP if they’re not aware of this protocol already.

Where can I purchase the items I need?

You can source the recommended products yourself or you can find them here in the directory.


I have some products already I’d like to use, how can I tell if they are ok?

The main criteria with most of the Root Cause Protocol products is the main focus is food based.  We are avoiding the added synthetic vitamins which may not work as nature intended and may have unintended consequences.  The main reason why we are focused on avoiding the added synthetic vitamins is its effects on ceruloplasmin (bioavailable copper).

Things to watch out for:

Check the labels, especially the ingredient label and the nutrition panel for any hidden added synthetic vitamins especially those on the STOPS list. 

An example: In Carlson CLO – In the Nutritional panel it clearly states that Vitamin A is from cod liver oil AND retinyl palmitate as well as Vitamin D states it is from cod liver oil AND cholecalciferol. Both retinyl palmitate and cholecalciferol are both synthetic ingredients and NOT recommended on the protocol.

Remember that the brands listed in the RCP User Guide have been verified and are recommended for your convenience.

How can I get help?

Do you have questions beyond the FAQs about how to best implement certain steps specifically as they relate to yourself or a loved one?

Get personalized help from an expert: work with an RCP Consultant.

What if I’m vegetarian or vegan?

Unfortunately, there is no way to fully implement the RCP and remain vegetarian or vegan because there are no plant based sources of Retinol (Wholefood Vitamin A).

 And Retinol from animal sources (primarily, Cod Liver Oil and Beef Liver) are essential for increasing Bioavailable Copper (and thus, binding excess Iron), which is the entire purpose of the RCP.  Vitamin A (as beta-carotene) from plant sources is different from Retinol.  Beta-carotene doesn’t increase Bioavailable Copper.  Please see this (from a 3rd party) for more info on this topic

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