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Let's Get Sick! – In 10 Easy Steps

Let's Get Sick! – In 10 Easy Steps

“Without enough Magnesium, cells simply don’t work” — Lawrence M. Resnick, MD (Former Prof. of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical School) I’ve gone round and round preaching the benefits of Magnesium. Anyone who’s been around me these last 36 months, can attest to...

Let's Get Sick! – In 10 Easy Steps

Do Flies Cause Garbage?

Harold Gunatillake, MD, FRCS, FACS (US), FIACS (US), AM (Sing), MBBS (Cey), possibly the most degreed physician that I’ve encountered in 35 years in the health care industry, wrote a provocative piece recently in The Sunday Leader recently, entitled “Does Cholesterol...

Interview: Randy Brumit

Randy Brumit, Retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer Special Forces, sat down with us recently to discuss his amazing story about how Magnesium really changed his life and the lives of the people around him.

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