A panel discussion on the thing that has changed our lives

Come and join Morley and Kristan along with their special guests, Dr Ben Edwards and Diane Beach for a round table discussion about COVID and the RCP.

In the last ~18 months, what have we learned…





    You can’t solve a problem, if you don’t understand what it is. Once we understand what the problem is, we can better use the tools at our disposal.

    We will begin with a presentation from Morley Robbins, founder of the RCP, sharing what he has learned in the last 18 months; putting COVID into the context of metabolic dysfunction. Revisiting the classic particle versus field dynamic.

    Following Morley’s short presentation, Morley and Kristan will be joined by Dr Ben Edwards, a board certified MD and Diane Beach, a RCP Consultant and practitioner in emotional release techniques to come together in a round table discussion responding to a series of questions about COVID.

    PLEASE NOTE: we will not be addressing vaccines during this event.

    Here are some of the questions we will address:

    • How do we address our need for peace and subside the fear in this situation?
    • What should I do to reduce my chances of getting COVID?
    • What do I do if I get COVID?
    • What can I do to help my friend/family member who isn’t on the RCP if they have COVID?
    • How do I manage my stress and anxiety about COVID?
    • Do I need to add extra items to my RCP routine to protect me against COVID?
    • What do vitamin D, zinc and ascorbic acid have to do with COVID?

    Meet the panel:

    Morley Robbins

    creator and founder of the Root Cause Protocol, aka the Magnesium Man.
    See more here.

    Dr Ben Edwards

    a board certified medical doctor (MD) who strongly supports the RCP.
    See more here.

    Kristan Kershaw

    RCP Operations Manager, co-facilitator of the RCP Institute and Director of Supporting Balance holistic health coaching.
    See more here.


    RCP Consultant and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner.
    See more here.

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