“How long will this take to work?”

The truth is, “it depends” — it’s based on how your body reacts to each nutrient.

To give you a range, the “course record” is a woman who implemented all of the STOPS and the STARTS within the first few weeks and felt dramatic changes within 60 days.

But then there are others who’ve taken 18 months (or longer) to implement the STARTS because their bodies needed that much time to detox and acclimate. Your mileage will vary.  Listen to your body.

“How long do I need to follow these steps?”

The Root Cause Protocol is a lifestyle change — your body will always need minerals like Magnesium and Wholefood Vitamin Complexes like A, C, E, etc.

The STARTS are designed to be followed indefinitely as they are the key nutrients missing in the modern diet today, laden with refined and processed foods.

How quickly or slowly you decide to implement them are up to you, and how your body responds to each substance.

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