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All RCPCs are graduates of the RCP Institute, taught by Morley Robbins, creator of The Root Cause Protocol. (Learn more about attending the RCP Institute here.)

Many of them overcame various health challenges of their own by following this protocol. And now they make some (or all) of their income assisting others who are following the protocol.

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These contact details are provided so that members of the public can connect with a consultant to assist them with their health journey, not to have businesses cold canvassing them.
Please do not send emails to our consultants if you are wanting them to sell your product.
Every RCPC works under their own direction, they are trained via our RCP Institute however each consultant works differently and legally are seperate from our organization.
They may recommend areas outside of the RCP’s protocol.
Any legal liability regarding treatment recommendations and solutions is shouldered by the RCPC themselves and is in no way associated with the Root Cause Protocol Institute LLC or any branch of the Root Cause Protocol LLC.

RCP Consultant Directory

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Kristina Staros


“Health and ways to achieve wellness have been my passion since I was a teen. I read every health article that I could put my hands on, tried out all imaginable diets, and, never trusting doctors, would find natural ways of healing myself, my children and family, and a wider circle of friends so that people would call me up for advice and, jokingly, call me ‘Doctor’.

While in a stress-related health crisis, I stumbled upon The Root Cause Protocol and immediately recognized it as the Holy Grail, its simplicity and wisdom integrating everything I knew about the body into holistic oneness. The science of minerals and how they drive every single process in the body turned out to be the answer to the question “Why is everyone so sick?”

My focus now is to help others by empowering them with the knowledge of the Root Cause of every sickness. I am happy to guide you to health and wellness.”

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Stephanie Whaley (RCPC)

Kaneohe, HI

I live on the island of Oahu with my husband and son. When my son was subjected to an ineffective treatment of allopathic medicine, I was propelled into the world of alternative healing. I currently hold a Diploma in Alternative & Complementary Medicine and am also working towards a doctorate in Alternative and Complementary Medicine. I am committed to helping as many people as possible learn the impact of minerals and how to take your health into your own hands.

Company Name: Kumu Clinic LLC

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Elizabeth Lake

Gold Coast

Hi! I’m Liz. I’m a Registered Nutritionist, Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and RCP Consultant. My passion is educating and guiding people to natural ways of regaining and maintaining their vitality so they can live a fun life doing the things they love. When we feel sick or depleted, we are not our best selves. We have nothing to give others or ourselves let alone live our full potential!

I am fascinated by the mind body connection and how stress connects with symptoms, and I love uncovering my clients’ unconscious beliefs and emotional patters that are contributing to their state of health (or ill health).

I have also had personal journeys with ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ and Anemia, and had my eyes opened wide by the Root Cause Protocol.

I have been working in the wellness industry for over 18 years on the Gold Coast, and I have raised 2 healthy teens!

I look forward to meeting you and helping you regain your natural energy and vitality.

I do most consultations via Zoom.

Business Name: My Aliveness Natural Vitality

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Amelia Ruifrok (RCPC, PSYCH-K® facilitator)

Blue Mountains/Sydney, NSW

I found ‘the whole picture’ in the RCP after losing my gallbladder after my 2nd pregnancy in 2017. I’ve been using this amazing protocol to reverse my chronic fatigue, endometriosis, weight & gut issues, dermatitis, adenomyosis, sleep paralysis/seizures, UTIs, anxiety, & depression.

I also combine energy psychology to address the emotional side of health and wellbeing, through a modality, similar to EFT, called PSYCH-K® which is promoted by Dr Bruce Lipton PhD. Letting go of your fears, stress, trauma and limiting beliefs may be easier than you expect – and when this baggage is released, and your mind wired to succeed and enjoy – great health is so much more accessible.

Invest in yourself, rather than a band-aid solution – and you will be a bird set free!

AUD$275 (approx. USD$200) for a 75min consult + 30min follow up (via ZOOM or in-person). AUD$150 (approx. USD$110) for a 90 minute PSYCH-K® session. Packages available.

Company Name: Made Of Stardust – Mind Body Spirit Coach

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Karen Hardy (RCPC)

Regina, SK

I have a bachelor of science in agriculture and became interested in human physiology when my sister became sick with cancer. With the RCP I have been able to help family members and clients restore their health! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Company Name: Pile of Bones Nutrition

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Dr. Nadine Familo (RCPC)

New Jersey

In my years as a practicing chiropractor, I was dismayed each time a patient didn’t respond 100% to treatment. In 2017, a colleague introduced me to the Root Cause Protocol and it instantly resonated with me. A deeper dive into the RCP lead to an “Aha!” moment – THIS (mineral dysregulation) was why some patients couldn’t fully heal. This was the missing component that isn’t taught in education programs for health care professionals (both allopathic AND holistic). It makes perfect sense because adequate vitamins and minerals are a requirement for making enzymes, neurotransmitters and hormones that keep the body running like a well-oiled machine. Chronic inflammation due to oxidative stress is a roadblock to healing.

After starting the RCP and seeing my own digestive issues and fatigue gradually improve, I decided to become an RCP Consultant and devote myself to introducing others to the amazing benefits of cellular mineral balancing. I believe in a holistic approach to healing – nourishing the mind/body/soul and eliminating the roadblocks that prevent the body from performing its innate healing abilities.

Best to you in good health!

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Heather Ryan


“Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Sick of doctors telling you there’s nothing more they can do for you and that your only choice is to continue managing your symptoms for life?

I know all too well how that goes! The good news is that’s not true and we don’t have to suffer for life. Our bodies are self repairing machines!

If you’re ready and committed to get down to the root cause of your symptoms, to take your health into your own hands, and to get your machine operating at full potential again- I can help guide you and support you along the way. I will teach you how mineral imbalances are at the root of your issue and how to solve that.

The RCP has completely changed my life and it can change yours too! Let’s get you back on track. ”

Company Name: Live Happy! Live Healthy! Live Clean!

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Dr. CJ Mort (RCPC)


I am a PhD chemist with 25 years experience in researching chronic illness and the founder of grassroots healing. Additionally trained by Dr Rick Malter (HTMA), my passion is restoring chronic health conditions by looking at mind and body to achieve whole mineral balance. I have been given the labels, hashimotos, pyroluria, CFS, ME, MTHFR, adrenal fatigue and mitochondrial dysfunction. Sound familiar? Are you looking for a compassionate guide to help you heal and who has walked your path? Then I would love to help you.

For world wide Skype consults. Cjmconsultancy9@gmail.com

Company Name: Dr. CJ Mort

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Wanda Breighner


I have been a licensed massage therapist for over 15 years with additional certifications in aromatherapy, neural reset therapy, and craniosacral therapy. Even after years of trying many different natural practitioners, I still struggled with raging hormones, extreme adrenal fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, anger, burn out and more. I found that even though some issues had gotten better, many had not. It was like there was still something missing.
In the summer of 2020, I watched a presentation promoting certain oils and supplements to “naturally” support the body’s immune system. It was one woman’s comment on that post that got my attention because it went against so much of what I thought to be true. She warned that these recommendations would not work and could even be dangerous. Wanting to prove her wrong launched me on a journey which instead led me to the RCP! I found a missing piece of my health puzzle.
I am a researcher by nature, and it is my passion to help people find truth and methods to help the body heal the way God designed it to, when given what it truly needs. Combining all I’ve learned through the RCP and my experience in different modalities, I can help others understand that addressing the root causes of dis-ease is a better path to life-long, vibrant health.

Company Name: Wanda Breighner, LMT, CNRT-M, RCPC

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Amy Armstrong


I found myself drawn to the world of holistic healing and the RCP after some extreme health issues in my own family set me on the search to go beyond the ‘band-aid’ approach to treating our symptoms, which often came with nasty side effects and unintended long term consequences. I wanted to get to the ROOT CAUSE of our illnesses. I wanted a REAL fix. Not a quick fix.

With the stress of having a child with significant chronic health issues, I also found my own health declining at a rapid rate. Terrible fatigue, endometriosis, a heavy, painful menstrual cycle, ovarian cysts, carpal tunnel, Raynaud’s syndrome, asthma, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, bursitis, tendonitis, anaemia of chronic inflammation, general stiffness and soreness in my joints, depression, daily anxiety, panic attacks…and these were just the symptoms that were diagnosed and given labels!

In studying Mineral Metabolism under Morley Robbins, I have spent countless hours delving into the latest and most enduring research on minerals and how they help make our bodies function. Together with many years of experience in Education, Functional Nutrition and a Tiny Habits Coaching Certification, I bring an approach to holistic healing that begins at the very foundations of health, our minerals, and provides you with a clear path to begin healing from the ground up.

I am here to support you on the journey, and educate and empower you. I have seen with my own eyes the incredible improvements in health that can be made when our bodies are in balance. The human body was designed to maintain homeostasis- give it what it needs and watch the symptoms disappear…

Reach out and together we can find your balance.

Company Name: Amy Armstrong



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Annette Presley


I am a registered and licensed dietitian of over 30 years. About 14 years in, I discovered the advice I was supposed to give out on saturated fat and cholesterol was actually contributing to chronic disease and obesity, so I changed course and studied functional nutrition and nutrigenomics. Now I have the RCP under my belt which pretty much renders everything else I’ve learned obsolete. The RCP is a total game changer and by far the best training I’ve had that will truly help me change lives for my clients. I am also a certified Theta Healer which is an energy healing modality that helps people identify limiting beliefs from past traumas or emotional burdens and any unforgiveness towards themselves, others, and God and then we go directly to God to change it. Nutrition can only go so far, we have to also take care of the emotional aspects of well being. I had to defend my credentials in 2008 for telling people to eat butter instead of margarine and that was quite an eye opening experience into the workings of our healthcare system. My deep passion is to change the way we do healthcare, especially for women, so that it serves us and makes us well instead of making us sicker.

Company Name: Revived Woman

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Danielle Brockmann

North Carolina

With previous years’ experience as both metaphysical consultant and Reiki practitioner, Danielle transitioned her full-time career into virtual wellness consulting during the pandemic. She received RCPC certification in 2021. Danielle continues to serve as a vocal advocate for her communities, including neurodiversities, dysautonomias, connective tissue disorders, mast cell diseases, and PMDD. She hopes her personal experience with lifelong secondary dysautonomias (including POTS) will prove a useful resource for those overcoming “Long COVID” and other post viral illnesses.

Danielle has seen countless doctors, nutritionists, and naturopaths throughout her over 15 year-long career as a “professional patient”; all of whom failed to diagnose and treat her, and some even had the gall to suggest “it” was “all in her head”. Left frustrated, she transformed into a citizen scientist, researcher, and “physician”. After months of searching online for “high transferrin saturation, low ferritin treatment”, she found the RCP. It was love at first sight! Within two years of implementing the Protocol, Danielle healed autoimmune thyroid – Hashimotos (hypothyroid) & Graves (hyperthyroid), SIBO, histamine intolerance, migraines, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, iron imbalance, iron overload, chronic edema, “moon face”, and unexplained weight gain.

Danielle holds special interest in serving clients navigating genetic disabilities and/or invisible and rare diseases including connective tissue disorders, such as hypermobility (hEDS, HSD, JHS), Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS), and Marfan Syndrome; autonomic dysfunction & dysautonomias such as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS); Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS); viral reactivation such as Epstein Barr Virus (EBV / Mono) & Human Herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6A / HHV-6B).

Danielle is currently a student committed to the MBSR Teacher Training Certificate Pathway at Brown University. Danielle holds a B.A. from Hamilton College (Clinton, NY), and received Usui Reiki certification in 2018 from Maha Rose Center for Healing (formerly of Greenpoint, Brooklyn).

Company Name: The Let Go Cure

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Natalia Zamora


I am a Registered Dietitian and I am passionate about helping others become the best version of themselves by empowering them through knowledge about nutrition and overall wellness. Through the RCP, people can start building a great foundation in the journey of becoming healthier by coping with stress in a better way.

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Jean Masters (RCPC)

Stamford, CT

Holistic health coach

Trained in hair tissue mineral analysis and EFT

Company Name: Infinite Potential

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Sadie Overstreet


Hey! I’m Sadie, an RCPC and hormone health coach. I love to help women balance their hormones and get their energy back. I do this through a mindset-based, food-first approach. If you’re struggling with chronic fatigue, PCOS, endometriosis, general lethargy, inexplicable weight gain, hormonal acne, or any other hormonal issue, I’d love to coach you through your healing and get you feeling energetic, joyful, and full of life again.

Company Name: Sadie Overstreet Nutrition

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Moneca Dunham RN, BSN (RCPC)


I truly enjoy guiding clients on this journey toward balance and healing. I have been eating an ancestral diet for over a decade.

My parents were raised on ancestral foods, but I had to find them for myself as an adult while searching for healing for my child. She has completely recovered from pediatric gastroparesis. I have several years of experience working with both pediatric and adult clients.

I had been coaching others on their healing journeys for years with a focus on ancestral diet and detoxification. The RCP, which prioritizes iron <> copper dysregulation, was the missing link that I still needed. I learned that detoxification no longer needs to be a focus when iron, copper, and magnesium are prioritized, the liver is supported, and a nutrient-dense ancestral diet is consumed.

Fatigue is the most common complaint for patients when they go to see their practitioner. I guide clients in balancing minerals, restoring nutrients, managing stress, and prioritizing sleep. This improves energy, restores calm, maximizes sleep quality, improves elimination, strengthens immunity, and more. Nutrients, especially minerals, are key to keeping multiple body systems like the immune, hormonal, neurological, etc. in balance.

I use my training and experience in conventional medicine, my years using ancestral diet and natural remedies, along with my training as an RCP consultant, to guide you on your path towards balance and thriving.

When you begin your healing journey using ancestral diet and nutrient balancing, there will be bumps, twists, and turns. I come alongside you, as a guide, to help you see that your body is not broken, just out of balance. I teach you to trust the process and to listen to what your body is trying to communicate.

We can thrive, have abundant energy, and live free of symptoms and disease only when our bodies have sufficient minerals and other nutrients. Using your results from the HTMA and full monty panel, along with identifying stressors/stored traumas to release through EFT, I will guide you toward the healing and balance you seek. I look forward to working with you!

I am also a biomagnetism therapist.

I use Zoom video chat for consultations.

Company Name: Mountain Thrive

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Sharalee Gibson

Central Otago

I discovered the RCP on my personal journey to find optimal health. Throughout my whole life I have never quite felt like I could reach my potential no matter how much effort I was putting in. My health is my priority and something was holding me back. In my second pregnancy, 8 years ago I found out that I have a genetic iron overload disorder, and in the last few years I have realized the full impact this has had on my health. I am so grateful that the RCP has crossed my path. I feel empowered with the knowledge of this ground breaking paradigm, and am excited to be on the path to living my best life. The RCP aligns completely with my values, and complements my training as a health and nutrition coach, and a mum of 2. I look forward to connecting with people from all over the world and guiding them through this protocol to reach their own potential. Lets ignite your energy together!

The Company Name: Innate Nutrition and Wellness




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Joshua Rubin


I have a Bachelors in Occupational Therapy, studied TCM for 3 years and is almost done with my 5th year at Canadien College of Osteopathy. I am a CHEK Level 4, HCL 3, CNMT, RCP and CN. My wife and I created a method called the RTN Method which is all about strategy and intention with the primary objective always being to optimize the process of fueling the body with food to optimize cell energy production. As a result, you significantly reduce internal and external stresses, know exactly how to replenish minerals and nourish your body, increase energy and create stability and balance in your nervous system. With the addition of the RCP in our work, we have created a recipe for healing success.

Company Name: EastWest Healing

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Dawn Belnap (RCPC)

Indianapolis, IN

While studying for my Bachelors of Science degree in Behavioral Science and Health, I started to develop several health problems. After many Doctors visits, I realized that they didn’t have any answers for me except for to try a medication that often made me feel worse. This lead me down my own path to healing. I’ve been able to heal from severe adrenal fatigue, food and environmental sensitivities, chronic bladder infections and pelvic pain, and many other symptoms.

During my healing journey, I discovered how important Magnesium is and how deficient most people are. I stumbled upon the Magnesium Advocacy Group in 2014 and booked a consultation with Morley Robbins. I was truly amazed by his knowledge, and I began implementing the steps of the Root Cause Protocol. I was feeling better than I ever have in my adult life.

Eventually, I had the opportunity to do the Root Cause Protocol training to become a Consultant. I was truly grateful to do the training so that I could help other people that are struggling with their health. I believe that the body knows how to heal itself when it is given the proper care and nutrients. The Root Cause Protocol is designed to support the body with the proper nutrients, to decrease oxidative stress, and to correct mineral dysregulation.

I have a passion for all things health related and I’m looking forward to helping guide others. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to work with you on your healing journey.

Company Name: Willow Tree Wellness, LLC

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Rachel Crossingham

Brisbane QLD

Hi, my name is Rachel Crossingham and I discovered the RCP at a significant cross road in my life. With the RCP, my health began to return and with it my joy and love of life.

I combine my 34+ years’ experience in nursing and midwifery with the RCP and I feel privileged to help people and make a difference.

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Mary Theresa Jurnack, ND, CNHP

Towanda, PA

Since 1993 Mary Theresa has attended many lectures, classes and schools and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition. She is also a certified herbalist as well as a Master of Holistic Health and Certified Natural Health Professional.

In September of 2013 she received her Doctor of Naturopathy diploma and is now a Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy and a member of The Pennsylvania Traditional Naturopaths Association.

In 2017 Mary Theresa was very excited to take the RCP classes with Morley and since then has offered RCP inspired consultations either in person or long distance.

Company Name: Jurnack’s, Naturally! Inc.

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Matt Jarosy


“I’ve been studying health and nutrition for the past 10 years and have a particular interest in biochemistry and metabolic health. I started out in the nutrition and health field studying exercise science with nutrition at university in London (BSc). This provided me with the foundational understanding in human and environmental physiology, biomechanics and dietary analysis.

Following this I went on to study integrative health coaching and applied nutrition at Health Creation (Dip). This involved working with clients across three programmes (Individual, Cancer Lifeline and Carers Guide). I then decided to spend an additional 3 year in Naturopathy, joining the College of Naturopathic Medicine (Dip) and studying biomedicine, pharmacology and naturopathic nutrition.

Since studying the RCP, I have a new found appreciation for the importance of mineral balancing. It has helped me to better understand the underlying dysregulation that occurs in all dis-ease (s).”

Company Name: Matt Jarosy

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David Drimmel


With a background in Holistic Coaching and distributing products of all kinds in the Wellness industry for over 10 years, I have explored what seems to be every avenue possible to support the shift away from the current medical paradigm. With research, trial and error, and multiple client testimonials, I can say that the Root Cause Protocol and Institute is likely to be the leading catalyst for lasting change in both individuals’ health and in shifting the medical paradigm from “sick care,” to “health care.” A health care that supports the host and values vitality over profit.

Company Name: Healevations – Bring Wellness Home


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Mary Ellen Murphy

Franklin, TN

Ancient Lakes US Distributor

As a wellness coach, I am taking the disciplines that I have learned to help individuals overcome obstacles and gain health and wellness in their lives. Illness starts from deficiencies, and when we give the body what it needs, our health changes dramatically. I am certified in Mineral Balancing as an RCP Consultant. I am able to take the most sensitive of people and help them implement the protocol. I see dramatic changes in my client’s health. I am not only certified in Mineral Balancing but also in Genetic Testing and specialize in thyroid, adrenal and gut health. I will be able to assist you with the Full Monty blood work and any other blood work needed at discounted pricing. I own Australian Pure Magnesium, the Ancient Lakes US Distributor. Australian Pure Magnesium serves the US and Canada with all Ancient Lakes Products which are vetted and approved for the RCP Protocol. These products are pure, clean, food grade supplements without fillers. “Gene mutations are simply transcription errors that have turned on due to mineral deficiencies! Minerals make enzymes, and genes are turned on and off by enzymes or lack of enzymes… Therefore, mineral deficiencies activate gene expression.”

Services: Initial (if needed) and follow up consultations are $85, HTMA test is $350, includes testing kit, interpretation plus consult. Genetic Testing $559, includes testing kit, interpretation plus consult.

Company Name: Moving Into Wellness/Australian Pure Magnesium

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Jens Veiersted (RCPC)

Nesøya Asker

I am a nutritional therapist working mostly as a teacher educating therapist in nutrition and lifestyle.

Company Name: Nutri Terapi AS

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Sherri Stickler


Walking in the woods identifying trees with my grandfather as well as time spent with my grandmother as a child stoked a passion for herbs and natural health from an early age. My interest in the body and herbs led me into the medical field, and I am a “retired” Registered Respiratory Therapist with a COPD Educator Certificate.

Over the years, I have increased my knowledge through copious amounts of book reading and trial and error with myself, my family and my friends. In later years, I have taken certificate programs and learned from various herbalists either in-person or through their teaching at conferences and other resources. I am a Registered Herbalist with the AHG and am excited to become an RCP consultant.

Going through the RCPC classes and learning from Morley Robbins has been amazing. So many questions with difficult client cases in the past have finally come into focus to help me become a better practitioner. I am excited to work with people that are wanting to implement The Root Cause Protocol into their life to feel better and have more energy.​

Company Name: Synergy Herbal Works



I like to think that we are ALL on the journey and I am here to facilitate balance and health along the way as clients learn how to navigate their health and optimize their vitality with the Root Cause Protocol.

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Li Hansson Bejarano


“I´m a trained Root Cause Protocol consultant, Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Herbalist, Hormone therapist, Mercier Therapist with a special interest in women’s health and how to support the body naturally to balance itself to optimal health.

Individual-based lifestyle medicine means that I focus on you and your unique history, HTMA, Blood work and I use the Root Cause Protocol to best help your body heal naturally.

I have specialized in fertility and hormone balance but work and accept all clients and I work with online consults worldwide.

Welcome to book a consultation with me!”

Company Name: Hormone Health / Hormonhälsan

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Irene Padilla

Washington DC

My passion and enthusiasm for the health world always had me involved in different learning aspects related to health, wellness, sports, and nutrition.

My first step was to obtain my bachelor’s and master’s degree in clinical Psychology in Spain where I was raised.

Then after moving to the US and being shocked by the different approaches in health prevention and treatment I found here, I decided to take action and somehow get involved by obtaining my masters in Public health at the George Washington University in DC.

Long story short, my move to the US, the change in habits, routines, foods, relationships and unfortunately the fatal Alzheimer’s diagnose of my father, led me into a circle of stress, anxiety and insomnia that I maintained for years.

My break out point was realizing that none of the things I learnt over my years of study was helping or giving me answers to my problems. I tried different psychotherapists and I never lasted more than 3 sessions with anybody. All the solutions that the allopathic doctors gave me seemed temporary, and felt like unhealthy patches that led to other issues.

At this point, I had already accepted that I would live with anxiety for the rest of my life, but the insomnia was so severe and was affecting my mood and work performance so much, that I decided that at least, I had to find a solution for that. That’s when I started my independent research and discovered the root cause protocol.

Then, everything made sense, I got all the answers I was looking for. I understood how stress and mineral deficiencies were making me feel the way I did. The discovery had such an impact on me that I really wanted to know everything about it. I also wanted to share my discovery with my loved ones so everyone could benefit from it. That is how I became a
RCP consultant.

From there, my curiosity led me to dig deeper into what it was my initial field of interest, mental health. Then I got my EFT certification with Dede Moore and more recently hypnosis certification that I have also included in my health consultant practice.

Now, 5 years after implementing the RCP, I can say that I am a healthy, energetic and anxiety free person. My sleep patterns have improved significantly and I live my life to the fullest.

I am fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese. I will be happy to guide you reach your health goals. Remember your health is your best investment!!!


Company Name: Magnifichealth

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Leslie Cline (RCPC)

Houston, Texas

I was in the second consultant training class. I “got here as quick as I could”, having already had a consult with Morley and been on the protocol for most of a year, and seeing great results already in my family. I have studied natural healing for decades and knew immediately that this is at last the science behind the best methods and habits. Since then I have helped as a moderator and commenter on the Mag page, in the forum, and helped many clients needing orientation and support as they embark and continue on their healing journey. This work is a great joy!

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Susan Kirk

Emerald, Queensland

I am passionate about empowering others to be the best version they can be! I am excited to work with people who are willing to take responsibility for their lives and are willing to learn and do things differently.

The catalyst for my interest in health was losing my Mum to cancer in 2000 at 54. I began learning that our bodies have incredible design and I was convinced if we gave it the right tools it would heal without question. I made lots of changes to my diet and lifestyle which I thought would empower me to be the best version of me but unfortunately I became very out of balance and was given a diagnosis based on my symptoms. I turned to specialists in the natural field seeking help as I had no faith in the medical model. Unfortunately some of the recommendations and things I did, I have since discovered were counter productive. In 2018 I received the first key to cellular health and I had amazing improvements. Then in 2020 my Root Cause Protocol (RCP) journey began as I still had unresolved issues particularly with my digestion. Initially I had no idea why I was doing the various components of the protocol but I was seeing great improvements, so much so that I was excited to do the study in 2021 to become a Root Cause Protocol Consultant. I was thrilled with all the information and knowledge I received. It has fueled my desire to empower those who are “willing to change” to be the best version they can be! Let’s work together to refine, redirect & redesign your health so that you can more efficiently create energy and clear exhaust!

Welcome to reach out for a preliminary 15 minute chat to see if we are a good fit.

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Diane Ives


My background includes; schoolteacher, real estate agent, real estate trainer, technology training specialist, amateur historian, and yoga instructor. I’ve seen the power of the RCP transform my body from nearly disabled into robust and strong as symptoms melted away.


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Morley Robbins

Chapel Hill, NC

I’m the creator of the Root Cause Protocol. I’ve performed over 4,500+ coaching sessions to help people interpret blood work and HTMA, and to help them implement the RCP to best fit their circumstances.

Company Name: Root Cause Protocol

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Diane Wheatley (RCPC)


Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Homeopathy and RCPC

The wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy put great emphasis on our body’s need for good nutrition; to echo that RCP continues to evolve as scientific research (from 1855 to present day) is reviewed and shines a very clear light on what our body’s biochemistry truly needs to rebuild, regain and maintain our health.

Company Name: Diane Wheatley

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Christina Carnivora

Seattle, Washington

I am a Certified Root Cause Protocol Mineral Consultant trained by Morley Robbins.

Company Name: Christina Carnivora

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Rob Glantz CRNP, RCPC

Nichols, NY

I’m a Nurse Practitioner with 20 years of experience caring for patients. My full time job is currently working in an Emergency Room. I have an office in Nichols NY and can do online and in person consults.

I have recently graduated from the RCPC training and look forward to helping individuals reach their health goals!

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Melissa Wecker Msc., RAc.,Dr. of TCM


Over my years on my own self-healing journey, I found the RCP and it was as if all the puzzle pieces finally clicked into place. It makes sense. It reconnects us to our ancestral traditions, the internal healing wisdom of our bodies and the earth, and reminds us that mother nature provides us with the ultimate healing foods and medicines.

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Astrid Serafini-Hill (RCPC)

Calgary, Alberta

“Medicine uses a pill for an ill, the RCP uses mineral regulation to heal”. ~ Divine Strength

My RCP healing journey has cured my insomnia, restless legs, uterine fibroid tumors, long and heavy menstruation, depression, adrenal fatigue and many more discomforts! In July of 2018, I was at my physical breaking point. I began to affirm, “I am healed” and this is when I found Morley Robbin’s work. The universe certainly works in magical ways! Two months into implementing the RCP I felt well enough to fly to Europe with my son. We walked an average of 13 kilometers per day for ten days!

It is going on three years now and I am still making beautiful connections with the protocol. The RCP empowers the individual to be in charge of their true healing path.

Morley’s research and creation of the RCP is bringing true healing back into this world. I am so grateful and proud to be part of this movement. It gives me great joy to educate and empower with the TRUTH. The doctor lives within each of us and we all have the ability to heal when given the right information. So much truthful information has been lost in the past 100 years.

“The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it”. ~ Hippocrates”

Company Name: Divine Strength Healing Empowerment

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Andrea Goerke (RCPC)

MidMO, Missouri

Graduated from The Copernican Institute-Certified  Root Cause Protocol Consultant
Simple Truth vs Complex Lies

Company Name: Feeling Awesome

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Toni Waddle RCPC

Oklahoma and Texas

Our team of practitioners help clients develop a balanced lifestyle and cultivate restoration of their intended health. Instead of masking symptoms, we seek the root cause to manage symptoms or chronic conditions. Each client will learn about the benefits of real food and how it nourishes every part of your body. We will teach you about minerals, how they run enzymes, hormones and metabolism. You will receive guidance along the journey to healing.

Company Name: Balanced Restoration

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Tracey Morley (RCPC)


I completed my Root Cause Protocol Consultant training in January 2019. I also have training as an Integrative Medicine Health Coach through the Academy of Integrated Medicine. My passion is solving complicated health puzzles. I would love to be your guide to help you and your family implement the Root Cause Protocol.

Company Name: The Mineral Mama

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Jacqui Niehaus

Western Cape

“Hi, my name is Jacqui, and I’m a former biostatistician turned health coach. I have always had a strong interest in researching nutrition, which is what led me to getting my Master’s degree in Biostatistics, where I learned how to conduct and analyze clinical trials. After working as data scientist in the health and life insurance industry for a few years, I decided to follow my passion of health coaching and now help other ladies overcome hormonal health struggles.

Having battled with PCOS and hypothyroidism myself, I’ve navigated through various nutrition strategies to try find balance. After discovering the RCP, everything clicked into place. I learned how to support my body through mineral balance and stress management, and now I help many other people do the same.”

Company Name: Wellness with Jacqui

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Belinda Donohue - RCPC - EFT Practitioner - Helping people Worldwide

Toowoomba, Queensland

Belinda here.

Health should be simple right?

But these days it can be overwhelming… And then we never know where to start or what to do. Or even what to trust? Right? There is just SO much “health” stuff out there. And when we are unwell we just want to get well as fast as possible so we can get back to feeling like ourselves again.

When I 1st saw The Root Cause Protocol I was not in a position or frame of mind to take it in or even to start… So what did I do?

NOTHING! I did nothing cos it was WAY to overwhelming…

Plus I was not in the right frame of mind. Suffering from autoimmune issues can be very painful and stressful especially when you have young children to look after but you can’t even look after yourself… SUCKS Right?

Or maybe that is just how I felt when I was suffering autoimmune issues. I was one of the lucky ones who was pointed in the RIGHT direction. Now that I am fully recovered and full of energy I can help other the way I was helped.

My passion is helping people pinpoint what is causing their symptoms.

Whether it be

Autoimmune Problems
Thyroid issues
Sleeping (or lack thereof)
Energy Problems
Weaken Immune Systems

And helping them with simple doable steps to move back onto the road to recovery so they can “FEEL like me again”.

My services include all things Root Cause Protocol as well as rapidly reducing stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm with EFT/Hypnosis.

If you feel I am the right mentor to help you on your journey to health you are welcome to make contact via my website or via FB.

Life Happy and Healthy

Company Name: Belinda Donohue

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Loren de la Cruz


Loren de la Cruz is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Root Cause Protocol Consultant, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner that specializes in fertility nutrition. Her mission is to empower women and men with the tools and knowledge to optimize their fertility and wellbeing to put their best foot forward as they step into pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood that will have positive ripple effects into future generations. Her approach is rooted in deep understanding and respect for the physiology of the body, combining the wisdom of traditional nutrition with a bio-energetic, pro metabolic, and bio-individual approach. Through her eCourse, Conscious Conception, and coaching she is helping hundreds of women transition through the magic of maidenhood to motherhood.

Company Name: Innate Nutrition Circadian Wellness LLC

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Isaac Pohlman, MPH, RD, LD


“Hi everyone, my name is Isaac, the type 1 diabetes dietitian.

I show clients how to support themselves from within with food, vitamins, minerals, and lifestyle to achieve lasting blood sugar control and symptom relief.

I developed this approach through my experiences with a series of health issues, including type 1 diabetes, anemia, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, cystic acne, and hypothyroidism, my formal dietitian training, and going through the RCP training.

Putting it all together, in my process called The Balanced Blood Sugar Roadmap, I help those with type 1 diabetes improve their blood sugar control so they can experience lasting energy, mood stability, restful sleep, and more resilience to stress. While I specialize in type 1 diabetes, I have worked with many adults with other blood sugar challenges, including type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, and PCOS.”

Company Name: Isaac Pohlman | The T1D Dietitian

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Angie Manning


“I became interested in natural healing in my youth, when my mom was diagnosed terminally with liver/breast cancer 25 years ago. I knew there was hope even though none was offered. I pursued my Biology/Pharmaceutical education and career until my son was born prematurely. The difficult pregnancy was a wakeup call that something in my own life wasn’t right. Not long after, I became chronically ill with several labels: autoimmunity, Lyme disease with co-infections, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyroid, miscarriages etc. I was not able to sing or read a book to my son without pain.

As you might know, health history is convoluted and complex with many individual life experiences and stressors that bring us where we are today. After many healing modalities, diets and various physicians, allopathic and natural, I stumbled onto the Root Cause Protocol by listening to Morley Robbins and then joined the Magnesium Advocacy Group. The RCP helped me to regain my life! I am doing better than ever and have rid myself of the labels! I run, walk, play tennis, bike, sing praises, and enjoy life!

I am a consumate researcher and a holistic health practitioner that performs HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) and blood work analysis to assess mineral status and evaluates how stress affects these minerals that are the foundation and sparks for the body. I have trained extensively on the Root Cause Protocol at the RCP Institute.

Loving and nurturing the health of those around me is a passion of mine. I would love the opportunity to work with you.

Hope and Blessings,
Angie Manning”

Company Name: Angie Manning Wellness

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Valerie Köhler


“Hi there! My name is Valerie and I help adult women get clear skin naturally using a root cause approach so they can ditch restrictive diets and start glowing from within.

I tried everything for acne including harsh treatments such as accutane, elimination diets, homeopathy, and so much more! No matter what I did my skin was never really acne free…

After 10 years of birth control I decided to come off which made my acne angrier than ever, and it made me realise that I had to address the issue from the root cause.

Ever since working on healing my hormones and metabolism through balancing my minerals and the RCP my skin has never been more clear, my cycles are regular and pain free, I am able to have a normal life, eat a variety of foods without breaking out and rock my bare skin!

How is my approach different? I help you get to the the root cause of acne with a 360 degree approach to healing that is non-restrictive and practical to implement long term!

I work with clients online all over the world through one to one coaching and group coaching programs.”

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Dr. Kristen Graham


I am a biological dentist who loves to help patients rebalance their minerals to achieve optimal oral and comprehensive health. Vitamins and minerals are incredibly important for dental, physical, and emotional wellbeing, and crucial for our mitochondria to make energy. When working together, we can rebalance and replete your vitamins and minerals to improve your teeth, bones, wellness, and, above all, lead you to your purpose of living a life full of joy.

Company Name: Dr Kristen Graham

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Cathy Fraleigh

North Carolina

I’m a trained Root Cause Protocol consultant and certified Health Coach. I’m passionate about helping you achieve your best health by bringing your body back in balance with nutrition and balancing your minerals deficiencies or excesses.

Company Name: Cathy Fraleigh


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Victoria Thomas (RCPC, CHC, LPN)

Atlanta, GA

** Not accepting new clients at this time.** Chronic stress leads to massive mineral imbalances causing metabolic dysfunction. To restore, we check your body’s ‘terrain’ and address these underlying issues so you can properly support your body’s innate healing wisdom. You don’t have to live with anxiety, spiraling fatigue, aches/pain, depression, hypothyroid/adrenal insufficiency. I’ve overcome adrenal burnout, benzo withdrawal, and numerous ailments – so can you.

Company Name: Second Journey Healing

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Amanda Grace


I’m a board-certified naturopathic doctor with 8 years of experience before coming to the RCP. My own experience with infertility, thyroid and hormonal issues, sheep farming, and raising triplets paved the way for a passionate pursuit of natural health. The RCP has tied all my previous studies together with the key to understanding health and the self-healing capacity of the human body.

Company Name: Grace Full Wellness

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Irina Pomnikova-Dovbnia


I am a professional journalist and a mother of 2, one of them is a child with special needs. Since 2009, I began to study everything related to the restoration and maintenance of health and immunity.
In my opinion, RCP is the deepest and most complete protocol for wellness in the modern world. I believe it is a very powerful tool for counteracting the effects of stress, improving the quality and duration of life. RCP for me is the inspiration and the foundation of my wellness. I am glad that now I can help other people to feel as good as it was sometime before, and maybe even better, like never before!

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Nicole Moneer


For almost 3 decades Nicole suffered from allergies, asthma, reoccurring sinus infections, adrenal issues, IBS, ruptured ovarian cysts and chronic fatigue just to name a few. Nicole’s father, who died in 1996 at the age of 57, was a conventional doctor of Hematology and Oncology and her mother a nurse, who passed in 2012 at the age of 69. Growing up she was fed a plethora of prescription drugs and allergy shots anytime she was sick. As Nicole got older, she kept getting sicker and sicker from all the toxicity she was exposed to year after year. She reached a point where she was sick of being sick with over a dozen chronic conditions and finally took matters in to her own hands to change her life. She stumbled upon an Integrative Chiropractor at the age of 33, under his supervision she was prescribed real whole foods along with supplements. For well over 7 months straight, with proper consistent nutrition, workouts and supplements Nicole improved the quality of her life. She got off all medicines and no longer suffers from a long list of chronic health conditions. It’s been over 15 years now that Nicole last took any prescription or over-the-counter drugs (not even the contraceptive pill). This inspired her to further her career in these areas and more.

Nicole has the mind, soul and spirit to heal and change lives for the better just as she has healed and changed hers. As a first-time mom in her 40’s, there is nothing Nicole cannot do. At age 49 her health is way better than at age 19 or 28! As a Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Root Cause Protocol Consultant, she works with both male and female clients, including moms, infants, toddlers and teenagers on customized nutritional lifestyle planning, stress management, breaking cycles of generational dysfunction or unhealthy habits, meal prep and workout programs, no matter what their goal. One of the first things clients notice after working with her is that their energy levels improve, they have less bloat and many of their chronic symptoms or conditions are reduced or completely gone. Clients experience great relief from her holistic coaching alone. In offering blood panel and hair tissue mineral analysis testing she is now able to offer her clients more tools specific to their healing journey. When people are ready to change they will. Changing your lifestyle, the foods you eat daily and the people you allow in your space is a 20 mile hike everyday. In the end Nicole can attest that it’s worth it! If you are ready to transform your life from the inside out, looking and feeling your best then Nicole can coach you in your journey to living your best life with better health and vitality.

Company Name: Lifestyle360 by Nicole Moneer

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Cathy Streitwieser (RCPC Emotion Code Practitioner)


I am a RCPC/Emotion Code Practitioner, I have over 15yrs exp. With complex & SIGNIFICANT Health Crisis Mgmt.
The RCP is key in moving away from crisis management to living healthy and fully.

I can guide you from label-driven symptom management to understanding what to do with the RCP. We will work to FIX THE PROBLEM, often correcting mineral imbalances and deficiencies at the root cause and reducing/eliminating the need for DRUGS in order to live your life.

I’ll guide you from label-driven symptom mgmt. to understanding what you can do to improve your health long term. It takes time and commitment. Come with both and we can work to FIX THE PROBLEMs.

I can combine RCP + Emotion Release to help you live a healthy, joy-filled, & fearless life -Contact me today, I can help. #MCAS #MCS #IDDM #CFS/ME #ANXIETY #GP No More Fear Driven Care! Emotion Code is gentle/passive way to release trapped emotions and lower stress.

Company Name: WholeFoodWholeBody

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Stephanie Jasky

Troy, Michigan, USA

In early January 2017, I was sitting in my home office with my husband, when I suddenly was overcome with a horrible feeling of just being unwell. I can’t describe it any other way, because it was very brief. It lasted only seconds before I fell out of my chair onto the floor into what would be later called a grand mal seizure. I was rushed by ambulance to the nearby hospital where I was found to have blood pressure of 325/170. I felt as though I was literally vibrating all through my body. After hours of testing, the only thing abnormal found was my granular filtration rate (GFR) which measures kidney function. It was below 60, the cut off for kidney failure. No one had any explanation for this. No one had any explanation for the seizure. This was the beginning of what would turn out to be, over the course of the next year and a half, 17 hospitalizations and a multi-day visit to Cleveland Clinic to see a whole team of doctors.

After seeing a parade of specialists: Cardiologists, endocrinologists, neurologists and a bunch of general medicine doctors for nearly 2 years, no one had any answers. They had lots of pills they said would make me feel better, but none that would treat something they couldn’t even diagnose. As time went on, I was prescribed more and more pharmaceuticals and developed more and more problems. I became hypothyroid, I had severe adrenal insufficiency and my sex hormones were nearly nonexistent.

In the end, it took finding the Magnesium Advocacy Group and Center for Holistic Medicine (Dr. David Brownstein’s office) to finally figure out that I had been massively poisoned by vitamin D supplements prescribed by my former doctor. It also took the Root Cause Protocol and a lot of support from my physician at CHM to finally turn things around. It has taken (and still is taking) quite a bit of patience to cope with and to deal with the inevitable sequestered pathogens that emerge after long periods of suppressed immune function that is a huge part of D toxicity.

I know what it’s like to feel helpless and hopeless. I am intimately familiar with the process of recovering from D toxicity in particular and with hormonal imbalances. I would like to provide help to others who are traversing a health care obstacle course. I’d like for no one to ever feel like I did: Alone and frightened because they don’t know what’s wrong with them.

Company Name: Genesis Health MI

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Jacqui Soliman (RCPC)

Brisbane QLD

My passion is to nurture you on your journey, empower you to really know and listen to your own body so that you can truly thrive.

I have been passionate about health and wellness since planning to start a family in 2004. 5 children later, and seeing the RCP heal many health issues in myself and my children, led me to train as a RCP Consultant in the second intake in 2017.

I am also a trained breastfeeding counsellor, and passionate about pregnancy/post partum/family.

You are welcome to email me to book in for a free 15min consult to see if I would be a good fit for you and your family. I would love to help you!

Company Name: Nurtured Life

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Sheila Gardiner


Knowing for a long time that health was not found in healthcare, a friend shared with me the book “Miracle of Magnesium” which led me to Morley Robbins and the RCP in 2016. By implementing the RCP I’ve been able to reverse my degenerating joint disease, get a handle on intense arthritis pain, diminish varicose veins, and eliminate heartburn. Just to name a few things that I’ve experienced so far. No matter your age or station in life, you too can regain your health. The power of the RCP is real and many have experienced it’s life changing power. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Robbins and feeling his intense passion for getting the word out so that others can be free from their suffering and pain. I too want to help others regain what has been lost by assisting them in their health journey. I’m a RCPC who wants to empower you to get your life back!! Let’s quantify your health!

Company Name: Quantified Health

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Laurel Wilkinson, BSN, LMBT, SEP, RCPC

Chapel Hill, NC

I am a LMBT, BSN and body worker (CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation) and Transforming Touch Practitioner (for developmental trauma). I completed Copernican Institute training in Oct 2018. I have been on the RCP for 5 years and seen the depth of change that can happen when the foundational minerals come into balance. I am happy to help you on your journey toward health! I am only taking new clients who are local to the Chapel Hill or NC Triangle area and following up with all past clients. Call or text me: 919-967-0094 or email me at wilkinson.laurel@gmail.com

Company Name: Laurel Wilkinson, BSN, LMBT, SEP

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Malene Storm Poulter (RCPC)

Copenhagen, Denmark

I specialize in fertility and womens health.

I help women reduce inflammation and revitalize the uterus through the Root Cause Protocol, lifestyle changes and specific exercises.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are – we will meet online and discuss all your concerns via Zoom. 🙂

Company Name: Life Made

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Kristan Kershaw


I am an educator, a facilitator of knowledge and I am here to help you to find your way. I am adaptive to client needs and able to explain complex things at a simple level, while satisfying the ‘need to understand’ for those who also need it.

I first did the RCP for my own family – researching it in 2013 (before it was the RCP), worked with Morley in 2014 – 2016 for our own consults and that of friends/family, then trained with Morley in his first group of students in 2017 and have closely worked with him since.

I now help with training RCP Consultants as well as my consulting work. I work with clients around the world no matter their location.

I have a Bachelor of Science (Hons) and my past careers have included teaching science + nursing students about chemistry, biology, and science in general plus other laboratory related work in Universities and government departments, and changing pace dramatically becoming a trainer and technical writer within private industry writing user manuals and guides for safe operation of heavy equipment!

Company Name: Supporting Balance

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Tanya M Griego (RCPC, BA Education, MA Biology)


“I am a biology teacher by trade for 15+ years. I have also taken myself from 40 symptoms (including brain fog, inflammation, joint pain, sensitivities, nerve twitches, etc…) down to 4 using diet and the Root Cause Protocol. Let me help you identify parts of your life that need some tweaking so you can balance minerals and stress and be on your way to a healthier life.

Secondary Education and Biology BA
Biology MA
Certified Teacher

Email me at: TGCoachingAndTutoring@gmail.com”

Company Name: TG Coaching and Tutoring LLC

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Julia Boser (RCPC) and Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Lacombe, Alberta

I came upon the RCP with a number of labels: hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, anemia, estrogen dominance, uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breast disease, cancer, and all the symptoms to go with. My husband’s near brush with death in 2010 led me to studying nutrition at CSNN. Although I graduated with honours, many of my symptoms remained unchanged until I implemented the RCP. Life changing! As a compassionate “people person” I enjoy helping others navigate the RCP through their health challenges and rejoice in their progress. I would love to be your guide in your health journey!

Company Name: Intuit Health Inc.

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Natalie Szczytkowski


“Frustrated with doctors for not helping me resolve a range of unpleasant symptoms I started to do my own research into functional health. I was struggling with hormonal problems/ premature ovarian insufficiency, autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto’s, Celiac, Psoriasis) and chronic back pain. I saw some positive changes when I began eating differently and was able to get pregnant with my second child, yet the severe back pain continued. After 4 years of seeing a range of physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, neurosurgeons and pain specialists I still was only able to get short-lived relief from the pain in my back. I then found the RCP. Within 3 months of starting the Root Cause Protocol I was almost pain free! My sleep and energy levels have improved, brain fog has dissipated and I have been reducing the amount of natural desiccated thyroid supplements I take as I notice my body is more balanced.

Originally from the UK I am living in Spain now with my husband and two children (3 and 5 years old). The children are also following parts of the RCP and I have seen improvements in their sleep patterns, behaviour and sensitive skin.

Consultations are available in person and by Zoom video call.”

Company Name: Restoring Mineral Balance

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Darla Snyder

Bethel, PA

“Finding not only a reason to smile, but actually feeling good when you do is such a valuable thing to have. Health in balance creates a body that has energy and not only survives in the crazy of life, but thrives!

And when we not only focus on said symptom and look at our body as a whole and the need for balance at the root ,we soon find healing in some areas.

Having healing in my own journey with extreme fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive sensitivities, extreme inflammation and the ability to be able to focus clearly and function as a whole again, has been a real life changer for me and now my passion is to help other’s to be whole again and to feel radiant too 🙂

When we see symptoms rising in our bodies we automatically think that we are broken and need repaired, when in reality our bodies are imbalanced and lacking correct minerals and nutrients. Finding balance is crucial for our overall health.
The longer the symptom, the longer the healing process!
Because our bodies are the temple, we need to treat them as such, you are valuable and your health is definitely worth investing in, because health is wealth!

Blessings from Radiant Whole Health :)”

Company Name: Radiant Whole Health

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Anne Briotet


Several years ago I was forced to take a close look at my own health when it quickly took a turn for the worse. It took several years of suffering, and expensive attempts at ineffective treatments, diets, and supplements, before I discovered the truth. The Root Cause Protocol (RCP) addresses the underlying reasons for health issues. I trained with the creator of the RCP, Morley Robbins because I knew I wanted to become a part of this movement and learn more about the RCP’s cutting edge research to help restore health for myself and to help others do the same. Balancing minerals can be a bumpy ride at times, so whether you are new to the RCP or looking for targeted guidance on your path to wellness, I’d love to help you. Please see my website for more information.

Company Name: Equilibrio, LLC

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Anika Müller


I am a Certified Root Cause Protocol Mineral Consultant and passionate health coach.

My journey with the RCP began after many health issues that became worse after trying many programs and dietary errors (vegetarian, vegan, raw, Vitamin A free…). I always found myself a little sicker afterwards. I have a lot of experience on how NOT to get healthy, which helps me and my clients now overcoming their very own blockades and health issues. The most important thing is to overcome the dieting mentality and enjoy food free of guilt and blockades, so your body can eventually heal, even with already diagnosed metabolic dysfunctions.

When I look at my body, I can see it is intelligent. It´s response to the environment is intelligent. So don’t be dismayed by the brokenness of the world. All things break. And all things can be mended. Not with time, as they say, but with intention. So go.

Company Name: iheal.me

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Eva Jackson


I am a middle aged mother to 8 children. I am a bio-resonance therapist and have always had a love for natural health. I went on a big learning journey when my third child developed health problems due to mold exposure. I then started having gut challenges which grew worse over about 8 years, to the point of me reacting to almost every food group except most vegetables and meat. I then started working with an RCP consultant and realizing the importance of balancing my minerals and reducing stress and iron. I am still on a journey to reduce symptoms but have seen a big increase in my energy levels and a big reduction in my stress. I am keen to work with other women to help them in their journey to restore their energy, vitality, health and balance to their body.

Company Name: Healing Grace

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Jon Sasmor (Program Director, MinBalance LLC)

San Luis, AZ - in the Sonoran Desert

(1) RCP tests give answers when other inquiries don’t!
(2) Under stress, we all have a common point of failure: we all experience the overwhelming consequences of imbalance of Cu, Fe, and Mg. You won’t feel better without rebalancing the minerals, even if the stressor has ended.
(3) RCP and Mother Nature’s methods work when synthetics don’t.

*** De-stress and re-energize with RCP! ***

To schedule a free 20-minute pre-consult please email contact@minbalance.com or minbalance@protonmail.com or text +1(928)257-1111. I’d like to help you sharpen your mind, increase your energy, and connect with spiritual things. Mineral balancing has done all these for me. 🙂

Website: https://minbalance.com/
Company Name: MinBalance LLC

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Karen Erath (RCPC)

Kansas City and Frankfurt

RCP Consultant and HTMA and EFT practitioner.

Company Name: Allegro Balance

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Diane Beach (RCPC/EFT)

Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Independent service provider for HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) and nutritional balancing/educational services and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to help address the stress that so easily befalls us on our journey in life.

My journey started 8-1/2 years ago, I woke up one morning and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Mother of 4 teenagers (at that time), I was thrift shopping that day and happened upon a book by Susan Powter called “Sober and Staying that Way”…. I couldn’t put it down (which was weird because I am not a drinker).

She mentioned a word called “hypoglycemia” that I had heard once in all the self-help books I had read (and only in passing). That word took me on a journey that hasn’t ended of wanting to better understand how the human body works and hopes of helping myself feel better.

Nose to the grind stone brought me a this mineral group and about a year into following Morley’s protocol, he offered the Copernican Institute to learn more about minerals, how they affect our bodies, and how to do HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) to help people regain their health.

Our premise is that stress causes mineral dysregulation which sets into motion all the symptoms people are experiencing. Seen as how EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) helps to calm the stress response, I jumped at the chance of being trained by Dede Moore to become a certified practitioner. See my website for more details and pricing structures.

Company Name: DMBHealthConsultant

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Cindy Currie ND (RCPC)


Cindy Currie
Innate Healer Activator & Naturopath
Owner and creator of Luminous Lifestyles

Since the age I was 9 I have led a non-toxic, earth bound, intuitive life. Always questioning and being curious about the “why” of all the things I cannot see. A disciplined student to my heart centre.

After the birth of my two children, the passing of my twins, my marriage falling apart not once, not twice but three times as well as an 11yr chronic skin condition, the essence of who I am called to me to, “stop sabotaging myself over and over!”

This unfolding was destined to heal my body, detoxify my cells and my emotions, release my karma drama patterns and patriarchal conditioning so I could create the reality I wish to live, heal my body and become my own remedy.

My professional learning has empowered me as a Naturopathic Doctor, Angelic Reiki Master, Exercise Physiologist and a Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Teacher.

I wholeheartedly have the recipe for bringing together the body, mind, heart and soul through universal law to dive deeply into your cause of dis-Ease so you can stop applying band-aids that are not sustainable and activate and integrate your own Innate Healer.

When you do this, you unlock your stellar healing powers and become “YOUR OWN REMEDY”

Company Name: Luminous Lifestyles

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Larissa Anina K, RCPC


***Consults in English / Beratungen auf Deutsch***

OUR BODYS STRIVE FOR HEALING AND CAN HEAL. That’s what I want to help you to discover.

Since my teenage-years, I’ve struggled with acne and progressively lower energy levels. The usual methods of the medical system worsened my situation.

I’ve been eating more animal products and animal proteins and incorporating the RCP, I have more energy, less headaches and nearly any menstruation pain.

The most valuable for me is that I’ve finally found a scientifically supported way that works. I’m convinced that I’m on the right track. I’m EMPOWERED to support my body in its needs.

I’m 30 years old, have a Bachelor of Arts in primary education and live in Switzerland. I like doing anything creative, hiking, being in nature and nerding out about health and wellness stuff :).

My strengths are motivating and cheering on people, as well as challenging them.


UNSERE KÖRPER WOLLEN UND KÖNNEN HEILEN. Ich möchte dir helfen, dies zu entdecken.

Seit meinen Teenage-Jahren hatte ich mit Akne und schwindenden Energielevels zu kämpfen. Die herkömmlichen Methoden der Ärzte machten alles schlimmer.

Seit ich wieder viel mehr Tierprodukte und tierische Proteine esse und das RCP mache, habe ich mehr Energie, weniger Kopfschmerzen und fast keine Regelschmerzen mehr.

Das wertvollste daran ist es für mich, endlich einen wissenschaftlich gestützen Weg gefunden zu haben, der mich überzeugt. Ich besitze die GEWISSHEIT, dass ich auf dem ich auf dem richtigen Weg und dazu ausgerüstet bin, meinen Körper zu unterstützen.

Ich bin 30 Jahre alt, habe einen Bachelor of Arts in Primary Education und lebe in der Schweiz. Ich liebe alles, was kreativ ist, wandern, Zeit in der Natur und jegliche Dinge, die mit Gesundheit und Wellness zu tun haben.

Meine Stärken sind es, Leute zu motivieren, anzufeuern und herauszufordern.

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Robert North (RCPC)

San Diego, CA

Robert North is a Certified Massage Therapist, accomplished NeuroMuscular Therapist, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and Instructor for Healing Hands School of Holistic Health (HH).

In addition to operating Upward Spiral Training & Therapy in San Diego, Robert teaches an advanced, NeuroMuscular Therapy (NMT) course exclusively for HH students at campus locations in San Diego, Escondido and Laguna Hills.

In recent decades, NMT has gained acceptance as an effective method for assessing, treating and preventing soft tissue injuries and chronic pain syndromes. In this 100-hour course, Robert draws on years of therapeutic experience and incorporates lecture, demonstration and hands on practice to teach students how to identify trigger points, nerve entrapments and postural distortions in the human body. He then walks them through a series of proven treatment protocols to address Structural, Chemical and Emotional issues and facilitate balance and healing for their clients.

Company Name: Upward Spiral Training & Therapy

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April Blumenfeld, MS, CNW, RCPC


April has been helping people reach their nutrition goals since 2004. As an Army spouse on the move, she served Veterans and their Spouses in Virginia, Kansas and Texas. She and her husband (Retired Army) now live and work in the North Fort Worth, Texas area. She is board Certified in Nutritional Wellness from the American Naturopathic Certification Board and a graduate of the Root Cause Protocol Institute. April would love to help you achieve wellness, balance and improved health.

Company Name: Blumen Wellness

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Lucia Lacova

Cork (Ireland) and Slovakia

My journey where my life shifted into a different direction started when I became a mother. I realized how empowering motherhood can be when things go as Mother nature intended and the experience of labor and breastfeeding set me on a new path.

I underwent a training in breastfeeding counseling and over the course of almost ten years I have worked with hundreds of women and babies. This gave me not only the skill of practical experience (breastfeeding, babywearing, babies sleep patterns, complementary feeding), but I also constantly get educated on physiology of breastfeeding and support women in the natural process of children (self)-weaning.

I have always been a nerd and I love to know ”how things work”. So when I came across RCP struggling with my own health issues – it was like finding ”Holy Grail”. To be able to have the knowledge thought in the Root Cause Protocol Institute is like finding the missing piece of the puzzle.

I am currently living in Ireland but I am originally from Slovakia. Looking forward to help you on your path of recovery.

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Sheryl Winton


I am passionate about getting the most out of life, which means being as healthy as we can be and getting our life back emotionally and nutritionally!

Company Name: Aim For Wellness

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Linda Mitchell


“Linda Mitchell is a leading women’s health expert, best-selling author, Fitness Boutique Owner, and creator of The Sisterhood of Sweat brand. After surviving domestic violence, Linda has made it her mission to empower other women by helping them take responsibility for their health so that they can be in the best shape physically and emotionally.

A graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Linda has worked with dozens of thought leaders such as Heidi Powell, JJ Virgin, Natalie Jill, Anne Louise Gittleman, Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Lori Shemek, and Elaine LaLanne. In 2020 alone, Linda has been able to double/triple/etc her income while eliminating all debt.

An award-wining fitness competitor and host of the podcast Sisterhood of Sweat, a Top 50 podcast with over 250,000 downloads, Linda has written her own column “Fit Over Forty” and has spoken on numerous stages including Podfest, Champion Comeback Summit, and Women’s Future Conference. She has appeared on ABC, NBC, Bold TV and Fox.

Linda loves RCP because it goes a long way in her mission to help thousands of women master their health and RCP really has become a game changer in the lives of her clients because its not just about eat less exercise more, but a whole host of things that can effect our health and one major culprit STRESS.”

Company Name: Siterhood of Sweat

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Doris Atkinson

Olympia Washington

As a nature lover and natural remedy follower, I knew from the start this protocol was for me. It’s simple in its design and powerful in its effects!

Company Name: Elegant Wellness

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Ekaterina Rait

Lucerne, Moscow, Lagoa

I’m a passionate health coach and biohacker, who has won a life game with psoriasis, infertility, PCOS, insuline resistance, acne and autistic spectrum of my son. I live in Portugal and Switzerland as a happy wife and mother of the genius pianist in. I speak Russian, English and a little bit German. I use many wise ancient and modern biohacks for health improvements for my clients: different variants of low carb diets (keto, paleo, carnivore, GAPS etc.), light diet, fasting, different anti-stress therapies (tree hugs, bird watching, meditation, gratitude diaries, eft, etc.), sun gazing, grounding and so on. RCP is the most powerful tool for me, for my family and for my clients all around the world! As a very active social media blogger I would like to be an ambassador of RCP for Russian-speaking people!

Company Name: Ekaterina Rait – The Rait Life

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Hamid Jabbar

New River, Arizona

Hamid has spent the better part of his adult life exploring Eastern philosophical and practical systems of Western Medicine, Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhism, Thai bodywork, Amazonian plant medicines, and other traditional healing methods. Prior to his fifteen years of working in the healing arts, Hamid was a successful lawyer in Los Angeles before moving to Arizona to reconnect with himself and his true passion of helping others. When not advising clients on the RCP Hamid focuses his work on the use of sound and plant medicines in meditation, yoga, and transcendent experiences. Hamid is the voice behind the @mineralshaman Instagram account and a frequent guest on Podcasts discussing all things minerals, consciousness, and healing.

Company Name: Hamid Jabbar PLC

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Teresa Bowley (RCPC)


Do you want to be empowered to take care of your own health? For more information, email me tabowley@optusnet.com.au I work with clients all over the world via video chat such as Zoom. My RCP journey has helped me with my food intolerances, joint pain, CFS, MCS and general body stiffness that I have had for over 20 yrs. I was part of the first intake of RCP training and have Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) training. Currently conducting studies in Western Herbal Medicine (Bachelor degree).

Company Name: Herbal Balance

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