Should I stop taking supplements that aren’t listed in the Root Cause Protocol?

(The following is an excerpt from the RCP Instruction Manual, available to download for free here.)

“What about other supplements like Co-Q10, Probiotics, etc? Should I stop everything that isn’t on the RCP?”

If a particular item is not explicitly listed in the STOPS or the STARTS of the RCP Instruction Manual, that means I’ve not read enough peer-reviewed research to establish an official position either way.

But my passion in life is reading scientific literature. (Yes, I’m a total nerd!)

So as I uncover new steps, and as I learn what is working best in the RCP community, the protocol will be updated.

In the meantime, please consider joining the premium RCP Community and posing your non-RCP product specific questions there. The RCP community is filled with many who have been implementing RCP in their own lives, and they likely have experience with the product you wish to know about.

In addition, you may prefer to work one-on-one with an RCP Consultant to get personalized help.

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