(The following is an excerpt from the RCP Instruction Manual, available to download for free here.)

All of the RCP recommended products (and daily dosage schedule) can be found in the RCP Instruction Manual, which you can download for free here.

The products included in this manual have been used by members of the RCP Community, and have been shown to be effective for most people over the course of time.

For each product listed in the manual, we’ve done our best to provide multiple links (Amazon, iHerb, etc.) so that getting started is easy for you.

And wherever possible, we’ve also added links to various International options.

Also, for your convenience, the manual includes several “RCP Product Kit” options that have been put together by several companies in various regions.

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  • If any of the links in the manual are out of date, or if you would like to suggest a product for consideration in the manual, please contact Customer Service.
  • Also, if you would like to talk to someone and get personalized help, please work with an RCP Consultant.

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