FAQ: Why don’t you give free access to everything?

Posted on April 23, 2019 by Morley Robbins

First, let’s review some of the features that are FREE, including:

  1. RCP Instruction Manual – a 30+ page document that contains all the STOPS and STARTS, daily dosage schedule, links to product recommendations, glossary of key scientific terms, and more… If you follow the RCP, the scientific, peer-reviewed evidence form around the world states that you will eventually increase your bioavailable Copper, decrease your unbound Iron, decrease your Magnesium burn rate, and decrease your oxidative stress.  This is extremely valuable AND completely free.
  2. Media Archive – You can listen to hundreds of hours of me discussing all my research on various videos and podcasts, completely free.
  3. Research Library – You can read thousands of words I’ve written by combing through the, 7+ years worth of my work, for free.
  4. Ideal Lab Values – Want to know what your “ideal” lab values should be? That’s free, too.
  5. What is Anemia, really? – Want a 15 minute explanation about how Anemia is a made up disease? That’s free, too.
  6. And so much more, plus — coming soon — The RCP Podcast, which will also be totally free!

There are so many free — and VALUABLE — resources on this website that it’s appalling anyone would think I’m just out for a “money grab” here… And yes, that’s an actual phrase that has been lobbed at me a handful of times.

I can assure you, I am NOT trying to buy an island in the Caribbean… I’m perfectly comfortable in my modest house out in the boondocks of Hammond, Louisiana.

But I do have a BIG vision!

Before we get to my vision, let’s review the services that we charge for on this website:

  1. RCP 101 Video Series – 5+ hours of video conversation with myself & Dr. Ben Edwards discussing over four dozen scientific studies that form the basis of the STOPS and STARTS, plus a whole lot more. If you’re the kind of person who wants to know WHY before you implement the steps, this is for you, and it’s $99.
  2. Premium RCP Community – A private forum for discussions among those following the RCP, plus exclusive access to new research from me, and 1 or 2 Live Q&A sessions each month with myself & Kristan Kershaw. This is $9.97/month or $99/year.
  3. Copernican Institute – A 16 week course in “Iron-ology” for those wanting to become RCP Consultants, or integrate RCP into their current practice. This is $2,250 per student.
  4. Book a Consult with Morley – Want to work with me? You can book a private coaching session (up to 75 minutes) where I review your blood work and HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis), your stress patterns, and work with you to implement the RCP. This is $450 for new clients, $250 for returning clients.
  5. RCP World Tour Events – I travel and teach several times a year. Ticket prices vary, depending on the event.
  6. Affiliate Commissions – As stated in the manual itself, some of the links in the RCP Instruction Manual use an “affiliate code” and by clicking those links and purchasing items from that store, you help support this organization without any additional cost to yourself.

I know from experience that some people are going to run into hurdles once they begin implementing the RCP, and they are going to want to receive personalized help. Well, that takes time. And as the old saying goes, time is money.  (And as the other old saying goes, you get what you pay for.)

If this is you, before you spend any money with me on this website, I encourage you to utilize the RCP Consultant Directory and find a health coach that best suits your needs. You can book an appointment directly with them.

(PLEASE NOTE: All of the RCPCs have invested their own time and money to become experts in the RCP. And almost all of them have overcome various health issues themselves by following this protocol. And now they make some — or all — of their income assisting others with the RCP.)

Now, let’s talk about my vision…

The primary purpose of having good people like you support this movement is that we need money to build and maintain the tools & infrastructure that will help spread the RCP far and wide.

My goal is for the Root Cause Protocol to reach — and heal — approximately 2% on this planet within the next 20 years.

So yes, I’m ONLY attempting to reach about 150 million people…

The RCP Instruction Manual is FREE because I want to get that into the hands of 150 million people.  I’m literally giving away all of my “secrets”, totally free.  And I’m THRILLED to be able to do that!

But still, it takes time (aka. money) for me and my small team to maintain this document, the website, and all of the other tools and services we provide.

Simply stated, no organization can survive without capital (aka. money) to fuel and sustain growth.

And I envision this organization running human clinical research trials to definitively demonstrate how RCP works.  The fact is, we have scores of anecdotal stories spread across this website and Facebook.  But western medicine will NEVER take the RCP seriously without SERIOUS clinical research trials.  And these are incredibly expensive to run… Like MILLIONS of dollars expensive.

I envision opening a lab that can test Ferroxidase — the most bioavailable form of Copper.  This test is commercially unavailable at this time.

I envision publishing an entire series of books and videos:

  • How the RCP Heals the Heart
  • How the RCP Heals the Thyroid
  • How the RCP Heals the Brain
  • How the RCP Heals the Bones
  • And so on…

All of these efforts require time & money.  And I can’t do it alone.

So I thank each and everyone of you who choose to purchase services from this website.  I hope that we provide you with tremendous value, and that you get healing from the RCP so that you tell all your family & friends about it.  We grow because of word-of-mouth, that’s it.  We’ve never spent a dollar on advertising, and we never will.

Ultimately, your monetary support is what I need to help bring this vision to life, and reach 150 million people.

A vôtre santé​,
Morley Robbins