How to Get Help
from an RCP Consultant

Book a Root Cause Protocol Consult

  • Do you need help implementing the steps of The Root Cause Protocol?
  • Do you need help interpreting your blood work and hair-tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) test?
  • Would you like to get one-on-one coaching from an RCP expert?

Then booking a health coaching session with an RCP Nutrition Consultant could be for you:

  • Nutrition Consulting sessions cost $279 (USD)
  • Sessions are up to 90 minutes
  • Sessions are performed online via GoToMeeting for audio, video, and screen-sharing
  • Sessions are recorded so that you can review them later
  • Sessions will be scheduled after your blood work and HTMA (hair-tissue mineral analysis) has been collected (How To Order Lab Tests)
  • Sessions will be guided by an experienced Root Cause Protocol Health Coach. (If you have a preference to work with a specific RCP Consultant, you may specify this during checkout.)
  • Includes 3 months of Premium RCP Community access for free — a $30 value! (If you’re already a paying member, you’ll get 3 months for free!)
  • Includes access to RCP 101 Video Series — a $99 value!

About the Root Cause Protocol Consultants (RCPCs)

RCP Consultants (RCPCs) are experts in The Root Cause Protocol.  These are independent health coaching contractors who operate under the RCP “umbrella.”  As such, your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back.

All the RCP Nutrition Consultants have invested their time and money to become experts in this protocol, all for the purpose of assisting others.  Many of them overcame various health challenges of their own by following this protocol. And now they make some (or all) of their income assisting others who are following the protocol.


“Are there any RCP Consultants in my country?”

We have RCPCs all over the world! After booking a consult, you’ll most likely be connected to an RCPC based in your country.

“Is one session enough?”

About half of our clients get what they need from a single session. The other half choose to book a follow-up session. Follow-up sessions are discounted to $249 (USD) and in most cases, you’ll be paired back up with the RCPC that performed your initial consult.

If you have any other questions about the RCP Consult, please contact Customer Service.

How the RCP helped me…

I wanted to say thank you to this group for changing my life. I have had so many health issues most of my life and most recently added hypothyroidism to the list. After 3 babies within 5 years I was exhausted and could barely function. Once I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism and severely low vitamin D levels all my doctor offered was Synthroid. I read up on Synthroid as I do any medication I’m offered anymore I was desperate to find the cause of my issues and not just treat symptoms (that may or may not help anyway).

Someone on a group I’m in on Facebook suggested this group and I have learned so much within the past two weeks it’s unreal. I have not yet done all of the protocol but have started with what I can which is the magnesium, cod liver oil, vitamin C, AC shots, Epsom salt foot soak and baths, and vitamin b-6. I’m definitely planning on getting what I need to do the rest of the protocol including changing the diet of my family because I think they are all magnesium deficient. My daughter who has eczema has seen a huge improvement just from doing Epsom salt baths and taking the supplements listed above.

I just have to say that my energy levels are so much better. I don’t feel like I’m barely living anymore. I’m able to fall asleep at night and stay asleep for the most part. I’m no longer constipated. I’m also not depressed. I was on my feet all day yesterday working and even though I came home sore I did an Epsom salt foot bath and felt relief immediately. When I woke up this morning all the pain is gone from my long work day yesterday. I have never in my life experienced this drastic of a change. I am a 36 year old mother of four children and I work several jobs and my quality of life has been steadily declining the past few years and I am amazed at how far I’ve come just in a couple of weeks.

I look forward to continuing the protocol and all the amazing benefits I’m going to get in my life and in the lives of my family. Again thank you for all the information. It is invaluable to me.

Angela S

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Up to 90 minutes, one-on-one coaching session (via GoToMeeting)


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