May 6, 2017
Iron Toxicity Post #57: The very source of this Iron-c crisis that is pandemic on this planet

This post is on the very source of this iron-ic crisis that is a pandemic on this planet

This past week, I purchased one of the definitive textbooks called: Barton, J.C. et al. (2010). “Handbook of Iron Overload Disorders.” published by Cambridge University which it’s very stuffy and very proper. It is written by a group of world-renowned hematologists.

This textbook is 365 pages long, that goes into excruciating detail about how iron overload causes this condition, that syndrome, and every conceivable disorder that you could possibly shake a stick at. It is a veritable “Who’s Who” of disease!

On page 39, copy of which is attached below, is a one-sentence explanation of how this iron overload comes about (highlighted in red). The cause is actually mentioned at the very last sentence on this page, which is on the only section of the book that talks about ferroxidase function of ceruloplasmin. I kid you not!

Out of 365 pages of information about the impact and diseases of iron overload, only one whole column, and one whole sentence on how this iron overload actually comes about.

Now mind you, in my humble opinion, this is proof for why we have a global crisis of iron overload on our hands as one of the most definitive textbooks on iron overload conditions has a tepid explanation for the real physiology and pathophysiology. How it allows a build-up of iron is the result of a lack of ferroxidase function within the most important antioxidant enzyme in the human body, i.e. ceruloplasmin.

Furthermore, this is the only reference in this definitive textbook to ferroxidase function in this entire book!

It is a damning expose for why we suffer from raging iron-induced oxidative stress, which is the biochemical and physiological source of all of our woes. 

This is a stunning example of how the conventional medical system lacks the understanding of the true metabolic problems and dysfunctions that are swirling in our bodies.

Hope this information and this Post help to sharpen your understanding of this never-ending issue re Iron Toxicity

A votre sante!
Morley Robbins

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