November 27, 2015
Iron Toxicity Post #9: Bioavailable copper is essential to reduce iron-induced hydroxyl radical (*OH)!

(Formerly #11)

Ordinarily, I would not burden you with a Doctoral Dissertation, but there are many who wonder where diseases come from: 

Chan. M. (2013). “Effects of iron overload on apoptosis and titin proteolysis in cardiomyocytes.” University of Hong Kong

PDF version:

What this article was telling us how magnesium gets depleted via iron-induced production of hydroxyl radical (*OH) and how that affects a body that lacks bioavailable copper essential for the production of anti-oxidant enzymes to neutralize these iron-induced toxins. 

newsletter 11


  • Titin proteins are what give cardiomyocytes (heart muscle cells) their *spring!*
  • Think that might be important to a muscle that works 24/7/365?
  • Iron overload (excess, unmanaged iron due to a lack of Cp) kills titin.

And this then begs the obvious question: What other proteins does iron kill?

This becomes a problem when one is on iron supplements as it shuts down copper production in the liver. 

If you want to look beyond the ferritin test only for your iron status and move to the truth of what is really happening via this revealing metabolic blood test: 

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