January 26, 2016
Iron Toxicity Post #15: For those who are or know someone who is struggling with Endometriosis

For those who are or know someone who is struggling with endometriosis, please read slowly the last sentences of both the results and the conclusion sections: 

“…Iron overload in the pelvic cavity of endometriosis patients could be a main factor enhancing oxidative stress and activating NF-κB in a chronic manner, contributing to endometriosis establishment and growth.” 

Steril, F. (2012). “Nuclear factor-kappaB: a main regulator of inflammation and cell survival in endometriosis pathophysiology.”

For those that prefer to read the full article:

There is a physiological reason for endometriosis. 

It is caused by complete dysregulation of copper <> iron metabolism that generates chronic oxidative stress that destroys uterine tissue. Iodine treats a symptom therefore Iodine does not correct the root cause of these dynamics. 

There is no medical disease, folks. Regrettably it is a classic case of metabolic dysfunction caused by mineral dysregulation, courtesy of excess, unmanaged iron. This is largely due to a toxic food and supplement industry.

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