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Iron, Food Enrichment and the theory of everything article, plus studies that talks about SOD and other antioxidants that are associated with the rusting process.  Also, the connection about menopause and how diseases follow iron dysregulation.


Things that go ‘bump’ in the night.
My advice, grab your seatbelt as this is likely going to be a brief, bumpy and bewitching ride.

As many as you know I go into this world of nutrition because I was convinced everyone simply had a magnesium deficiency. Thus was born my wellness quest and exposed my nutritional/metabolic naiveté.

I have journeyed for the last 7 years to make sense of this dynamic, with stops to better understand the dynamics of Na/K, vitamin-D, copper toxicity/dysregulation, and ceruloplasmin metabolism. All was going reasonably well until the universe dropped the Ace-in-the-Hole: Iron overload.

As I pursue this with a vengeance, I now realize why magnesium is getting hosed, and why copper is so dysregulated. How the mechanics of understanding the oxidative stress and the role of copper dependent enzymes (SOD, GSH [GSH-Px], and CAT) to stop this rusting process. Also the role of iron to create free radicals (ROS) is legendary in the research labs around the globe.


Okay, so where am I going today?

Here are four (4) articles that I invite all who are interested about re-gaining their health and metabolic equilibrium:

  1. “Iron, Food enrichment and the theory of everything” blog
  2. McCord, J.M. (2004). “Iron, free radicals, and oxidative injury.”
  3. McCord, J.M. (1991). “Is Iron Sufficiency a Risk Factor in Ischemic Heart Disease?”
  4. Jian, J., et al. (2009). “Iron and Menopause: Does Increased Iron Affect the Health of Postmenopausal Women?”

If you take the time to read those articles, which will keep you busy off Facebook for a good long while. What you’ll soon discover is that we’re being poisoned by iron, in our food, properties of our water, Rx meds, vaccines, etc. The scale of it is mind numbing to say the least.

For those that don’t know Joseph McCord, PhD, he and his advisor, Irwin Fridovich, PhD discovered superoxide dismutase (SOD) at Duke University in the late 1960’s. It is the enzyme that is designed to neutralize the superoxide radical (that’s an oxygen molecule with an attitude!), as he points out in Equations #2 & #3 in the 1991 study above (It is also known as the famous Haber/Weiss formula). In the absence of copper dependent SOD, it is a major source of ROS, especially the hydroxyl radical (OH) that causes so much destruction of lipids on the cell membrane and proteins & DNA within the cell.

And what is the gist of Jian (2009)? This group of enterprising researchers is taking a very different look at the aging process, especially the much-discussed state of menopause. Essentially, what they are challenging is that the core issues of this transition are equally related to iron overload, as they are to a lack of estrogen.

It is a different way of viewing menopause, and the key conditions that are associated with this:

  • Hot flashes.
  • Osteoporosis
  • Skin aging.

All brought to us by dysregulated iron, courtesy of an organism that is swimming in bio-unavailable copper and too little ceruloplasmin. Both of which are essential for the proper regulation of all facets of iron metabolism.

There are folks who are chasing stratospheric levels of ferritin, calcium supplements, Fosamax, and HRT appears to be out of touch with what the leading research outlined above.  When you factor in the iron fortification that is the underpinning of our flour, then it will hit home. The irony of this dynamic is captivating.

A votre sante!


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