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Wendy P. | The Root Cause Protocol helped to increase my low ferritin levels

Who would have thought Magnesium was the answer to a lifetime of low ferritin levels, iron supplementation certainly wasn’t…. I follow a very healthy diet including good quality meats, veggies,…

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Lisa A. | The Root Cause Protocol helped reduce the severity and frequency of my migraines

Thank you for RCP!  When I first read the instructions, I cried. I have been so attached to iron supplements (physically and emotionally) for the last 10 years. To hear…

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Iron Toxicity Post #2: Things that go ‘bump’ in the night

Morley talks about Iron, Food Enrichment and the theory of everything article, plus studies about SOD and other antioxidants that are associated with the rusting process. In addition to, the connection about menopause and how diseases follow iron dysregulation.

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