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Where did The Root Cause Protocol come from?

The Root Cause Protocol was created by Morley Robbins, MBA, CHC.

Morley discovered the steps of the RCP over the course of 7 years by methodically digging through scientific, peer-reviewed literature from around the world (dating back to 1948) in search of answering the question, "What causes cellular dysfunction / "oxidative stress" / inflammation?"

In 2016, Morley filmed an hour-long video titled, My Theory of Everything.

In 2017, Morley met Ben Edwards, MD. After a magical discussion with Morley, Dr. Ben began to implement The RCP in his own practice with his patients and began to see amazing results.

The two had a strong desire to dig deeper into Morley's findings via a conversation between Physician and Researcher.

The Root Cause Protocol 101 Video Series is the result of that collaboration, filmed in 2017.