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Iron Toxicity Post #55: Ferritin is NOTHING, Hemosiderin is EVERYTHING!

Ferritin in the serum is a sign of tissue pathophysiology. Without the ceruloplasmin ferroxidase enzyme, iron doesn't load properly into ferritin. So it gets damaged and takes on the properties of hemosiderin where iron is stored and doesn't come out.

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Iron Toxicity Post #11: If the Sun is the ‘center’ of our Universe, I’m coming to regard Ceruloplasmin as the ‘Sun’ of our universe of metabolic activity.

Iron is the ‘stressor’ that is causing excess loss of magnesium. It is the causative agent to create oxygen stress, and nitrogen stress that is at the heart of neutering ceruloplasmin. Ceruloplasmin is the very protein/enzyme that is essential to properly manage this toxic metal and Morley talks about the studies on the structure and function of ceruloplasmin and the relationship with iron.

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