There are several pre-mixed versions of the “Adrenal Cocktail” that can be found in  the RCP Instruction Manual (free download available here).  Some of these contain the full amount of wholefood C needed to reach the recommended daily amount (400-800 mg/day), so no additional vitamin C supplement will be needed when using those.

 Outlined below is a DIY recipe with several alternatives, based on what resources you have available and/or can tolerate. In general, any “Adrenal Cocktail” recipe should deliver approximately:

  • 375mg of Potassium
  • 460mg of Sodium
  • 60mg of Wholefood Vitamin C

Product Notes:


While cream of tartar is used as the potassium source in the Base Recipe below, alternate sources of potassium that may be used include potassium bicarbonate, potassium chloride, or potassium gluconate. Amounts of potassium needed per AC may vary between these forms as well as between brands. The key is to calculate the amount needed to provide the 375mg of potassium per AC that is recommended in the base recipe.

*Be aware that not all cream of tartar products are the same. It has come to our attention that in some countries, such as Canada, some products labeled “cream of tartar” may not actually contain any potassium. In addition, the potassium content of the ones that do contain potassium may vary, e.g. McCormick COT is reported to contain 100 mg per ⅛ tsp, while Frontier Coop yields about 80 mg per ⅛ tsp. Please check the ingredients label before purchasing and using in the adrenal cocktails recipes, in order to determine the amount needed to provide the suggested 375 mg per AC.


As well, if using unrefined sea salt other than Redmond fine ground, be aware that different brands/grinds provide differing amounts of sodium. The key is to calculate the amount needed to provide the 460mg of sodium per AC that is recommended in the base recipe.

Wholefood C:

The DIY AC recipes below provide an initial 60 mg dose of wholefood C. Once you reach START #3 (START taking wholefood vitamin C), the RCP recommends working up to an eventual daily intake of 400-800 mg of wholefood vitamin C. At that time, you will need to select a wholefood C product from the RCP Products Directory to increase your dosage accordingly.  

Instructions for implementing:

  • Start slowly, with ¼ – ½ recipe once per day to test for compatibility and allow the body to adjust. Some experimentation may be needed to find the combination/recipe that works best for you.
  • Eventually work up to 1-2 full ACs per day away from food, e.g., at least one hour before or after meals. This would ideally be around 10am and/or 2pm, but it’s better to get them in when you can than not at all.
  • Once you have successfully added RCP START #3, wholefood C, you have the option of taking your daily dose (400-800 mg) of WFC in place of the 60mg of wholefood C when using the alternative adrenal cocktail recipes below.

Base Recipe

  • 4 Oz. of Orange Juice
      • Fresh squeezed is best, but not essential, as long as the product you use doesn’t contain any of the items from the STOPS list. The vitamin C complex makes sure that the minerals noted below get to the liver to then nourish the adrenals.
    • 1/4 tsp of Cream of Tartar
      • This is an excellent source of potassium
    • 1/4 tsp of  fine ground Redmond Real Salt
      • This is an excellent source of sodium & 90+ other trace minerals.

Please note that both the cream of tartar and the O.J. both contribute towards the 375 mg of potassium in this recipe. Alternative recipe #3, below, does not contain O.J., therefore uses a higher amount of cream of tartar to compensate. 

Please refer to the Product Notes above for more detail around AC ingredient selections.

 The original source of this recipe was Susan Blackard, NP, ND, PhD at the Rejuvenation Health Center in Springfield, MO.  The following alternatives were compiled by Valerie Engh.

Alternative #1

  • Replace cream of tartar and orange juice with coconut water and a wholefood vitamin C supplement.


  • ~8 oz. / 1 cup / 250 mL of coconut water
    • You want to get enough coconut water to ensure you receive ~375mg of potassium. 
  • 1/4 tsp of fine ground Redmond Real Salt 
  • ~60mg of wholefood vitamin C

Alternative #2

Uses potassium bicarbonate and water instead of cream of tartar, orange juice, or coconut water.


  • ~1/4 tsp potassium bicarbonate powder
    • “Prescribed for Life” brand is used here as an example; amounts may vary by brand and by form (see Note above for more detail)
    • Again, you want to ensure you receive ~375mg of Potassium.
  • 1/4 tsp of fine ground Redmond Real Salt 
  • ~60mg of wholefood vitamin C 
  • 4 oz. of purified water

Alternative #3

Uses cream of tartar and water instead of coconut water or orange Juice.


  • ~3/4 tsp cream of tartar
  • 1/4 tsp of fine ground Redmond Real Salt
  • ~60mg of wholefood vitamin C 
  • 4 oz. of purified water 

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