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Student Testimonial | Isaac Pohlman

Isaac Pohlman; The Diabetes and Blood Sugar Dietitian joins me to talk about his experience using the RCP to improve his Type 1 Diabetes. After working with a Root Cause Protocol Consultant and implementing the protocol on himself with success, Isaac went on to...

Student Testimonial | Catherine Mort

Catherine Mort has suffered numerous chronic illnesses since childhood. She bounced from practitioner to practitioner looking for healing from chronic fatigue syndrome, hashimotos, diabetes and more, before finding Morley and the RPC (Morley was the 21st...

Iron Toxicity Post #71: There is no iron deficiency anemia on planet earth, but there is a pandemic of anemia adiponectin deficiency

There is no “Anemia” on Planet Earth, but there is a pandemic of anemia! adiponectin deficiency, a key and little discussed hormone whose dysfunctions are the gateway to insulin resistance, atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, fatty acid dysregulation, PCOS, weight gain/obesity, increased inflammation, as well as increased oxidative stress.