Since we freely share the lab tests we use for RCP Consults and the “ideal values”, it’s no surprise that this is a frequent online question:

Hello! I started the protocol about 5-6 weeks ago. I have done the lab tests and I’m trying to wrap my head around the results. I need your help. Here are the results and below are my questions…

Some variation of this question is asked multiple times per day, every day of the week.

I’d like to explain why I prefer NOT to discuss these answers online: Simply put, the blood work and HTMA lab results help facilitate a conversation to understand the context of the values.

Attempting to tweak product dosage in order to achieve so called “ideal” lab values is not actually the point.

The primary goal of each RCP coaching session is for the client to discover WHEN and WHY the STRESS of your life began to affect your minerals, which then led to your health struggles.

Nearly every single client I’ve coached has had one (or more) “light bulb” moments during the call where they connect their stressors with the start of their symptoms.

In order for you to have a proper understanding of your situation, we just can’t get there with generalized discussion from dozens of voices on a forum, Facebook or otherwise.

Instead, your consult with an RCP expert (all graduates of the RCP Institute) will allow for the necessary back-and-forth dialog, and a personalized discussion regarding your unique circumstances.

So please consider working with an RCP Consultant — talking one-on-one with an RCP expert might just be the best next step for you…

UPDATE: When that explanation was posted in the premium RCP Community recently, the member who posted the original question wrote a truly insightful reply!

Hi Morley,

I started this conversation and I didn’t know that posting labs and asking for feedback was prohibited. I know this is done on the Facebook page all the time, so is it still acceptable?

I understand the reasoning behind discouraging the discussion of specific labs results.

The “many voices” that respond may be contradictory, confusing, inaccurate, or at the least incomplete as far as getting to a real understanding of what the lab results show.

But I would like to give another perspective to the value I see in allowing such postings and responses.

When I was first exploring the RCP for myself, one of the main reasons that I did the blood test was because I knew that someone would give me some feedback which would tell me if they thought I would benefit from this protocol.

Now, I know that there’s probably not a person out there that wouldn’t benefit…

But at the time I was looking for confirmation that MY numbers indicated that my iron was indeed a problem, and that there were imbalances in the other key minerals.

I wanted to know if MY lab reports confirmed that the RCP was for me.

Especially, since my health is good, I might not have been motivated to get the blood test done, had I not anticipated that someone would “talk to me” about the tests.

I wasn’t motivated to spend the money at that time for an RCP consultation.

However, after I received my results and the RCPC responses online, I began the protocol because the responding consultants convinced me that I would benefit.

This was last May.

In October I decided that I would like to do the HTMA with an RCP consultant to have a more thorough and informed evaluation of my health and recommendations. (I am waiting for my consultation appointment.)

Over those periods of months, the reading in both the Facebook forum and your writing has increased my faith in the protocol, and subsequently, my commitment to it.

As a result, I am now willing to invest more money than I was at first.

The other reason I believe that RCP Consultant (RCPC) responses to lab tests are valuable is that some people, unlike myself, really can’t afford to do testing much less pay for the consultations.

Some start the protocol before testing because of this, and eventually test when they can afford it.

Like me, as their confidence in the protocol grows, so may their commitment and willingness to allocate their financial resources to include RCP consultations.

Some, like me, might not have started the protocol at all without the nudge of an RCPC telling me I was a candidate.

I believe the benefit to allowing Tests postings outweighs the disadvantages, and am asking the staff to reconsider their position.
Thanks for listening!

My reply:

Thanks very much for your comments and thoughtful insights about this process…

Please understand that this is a delicate issue…

Posting HTMA or Lab reports implies that there’s a specific pattern or set of numbers that reveals some nuance of dysfunction that justifies the application of the RCP.

And by your own seasoned admission, you now realize that the RCP has BROAD application across MANY, MANY, MANY conditions…

And then, of course, you will respond — “then WHY do this testing if everyone needs to do the RCP, right?!?”

The reason and the rationale for this testing is to validate the impact that our lifetime of Stress and Stressors have had to PROVE how affected our Minerals are from those dynamics.

People respond BEST when they can see FIRST HAND the Stress-induced devastation to their vital mineral levels, ratios and numbers.

And it’s a POWERFUL moment when the client can see that the Stress-induced LOSS of Minerals then affected their Enzymes and that that metabolic dysfunction — FOR A FACT — is the TRUE CAUSE of their symptoms, and NOT the “Fairytale Medical Labels” that practitioners terrorize us with routinely.

Stress causes symptoms. Period.  But symptoms are NOT diseases.

It turns out, there is NO Medical Disease. And when you learn the depths & subtleties of Reduction<>Oxidation Chemical Reactions, you REALIZE the truth and the wisdom of that statement above…

These chemical reactions are known in labs all over the world as “Redox Cycling Pathology,” (ANOTHER RCP… 😉 and it’s turns out that OUR RCP CORRECTS THAT OTHER RCP) — just as MTHR NATURE intended all along…

So, we will give due consideration to your request, but understand that one of the MOST important aspects of this process of discovery is to learn — from the Client — when and how their Stressors & Stress-related Events spiked, and thus, affected their Mineral status…

That in-depth context is an ESSENTIAL component of information to begin this process of healing…

Hope that’s added grist for your mill…

So again, if you have blood and/or HTMA lab results, I urge you to consider working with an RCP Consultant so they can work with your data and help you discover how YOUR STRESS impacted YOUR SYMPTOMS.

A vôtre santé​,
Morley Robbins

PS – Here are links again to the lab tests we use and the “ideal values”.

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