Do I need to have testing done before I begin the RCP?

The Full Monty blood panel and HTMA do not necessarily need to be done before one starts implementing the RCP; however, it is an option for those who would like a baseline on these values before getting started.

How often should I test?

Once the RCP is underway, and especially once regular blood donations have begun, we suggest monitoring your progress via the Full Monty and HTMA while working with an RCP consultant for the fullest understanding of your results. The Full Monty blood panel is typically done approximately every 6 months and the HTMA yearly.

How do I work donations around testing? How often

should donations be done?

For those who are donating blood regularly, the best time to have blood drawn for the Full Monty blood panel is at least 60 days past your last blood donation*. The HTMA can be done at any time.

*Even though some donation centers request donations every 2 months, we suggest no more frequently than every 3 months for men and post-menopausal women. Pre-menopausal women would be donating no more than every 6 months. Women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding are advised to refrain from donating blood during that time.

 Is there anything my doctor should know when

ordering the Full Monty blood panel?

In some countries, If ordering the Full Monty blood panel through your doctor, rather than through the provided links at, it’s important to make sure your doctor explicitly states “RBC Mag” (Red Blood Cell magnesium) on the lab script and “not to be changed to serum mag”. This is an important clarification, as doctors typically are limited to ordering only the serum mag test, and the lab will automatically revert to serum mag if RBC Mag is not clearly stated. You may need to remind the lab pathologist at the time your blood is drawn, and state that you may refuse to pay for the lab work if it comes back with serum mag.

Do I need to fast or stop supplements before I do the Full Monty blood panel?

Prior to your blood labs appointment it is best to fast from food and supplements for 8-12 hours and abstain from alcohol for 24 hours prior to collection. Even though some lab providers suggest abstaining from supplements for the week prior to testing, this is not necessary for the Full Monty blood panel even if your provider instructs otherwise.

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