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Where can I purchase Morley’s new copper supplement Recuperate IQ?

Recuperate is available in a number of retailers around the world. As it becomes available, we will soon have a variety of stores listed within our product directory, in the meantime, you can purchase it from the following links.

United States:
Wholesale enquiries also welcome direct from the manufacturer, FIQ (first link)


The RCP talks a lot about copper, but Morley’s book Cure Your Fatigue does not mention any copper supplement recommendations. Why is this?

Historically the RCP has recommended receiving copper from the “STARTS” of whole food vitamin C, bee pollen and beef liver. You can source these nutrients from quality (ideally organic) foods you eat day to day, as well as products from our product directory.

As Morley has continued to research and more samples are tested in laboratories, concerns have come to light that the amount of copper available from the foods may not be enough. As a result, Morley has recently released a whole food based supplement which contains additional copper, for those who feel that they might benefit from supplementing with additional copper. 

Morley is focused on continually researching and ensuring the RCP community has the most up to date information available. The recommendation to consider copper supplementation has happened since the publishing of Morley’s book. A future revision of his book is in the works.

Why is the RCP now recommending additional copper via copper supplementation?

This change in philosophy has been a very thoughtfully executed decision. Upon further research, Morley is of the opinion that additional copper will be beneficial for many people due to the many modern day factors that have depleted copper from the soil, plants, animals, and thus our bodies.

What we are seeking to do with Recuperate is deliver a guaranteed amount of copper, in addition to what people might already be receiving through diet and the other RCP STARTS.

Please keep in mind, with Recuperate we recommend 1 capsule with food up to 2 times daily. You might even start off by opening up a capsule and sprinkling a small amount on food and building up from there. Remember, more is not always better!

If I take Recuperate IQ do I still need to follow the rest of the RCP STARTS and STOPS?

Yes! Following the STARTS and STOPS is still highly recommended and will be foundational in properly mineralizing your body, building bioavailable copper, and creating energy at the cellular level.

At what point in my RCP journey should I add in Recuperate IQ?

We recommend incorporating Recuperate into your routine as part of Start #5: Taking bioavailable copper.

If you are drawn to using Recuperate earlier in your RCP journey you are welcome to give it a try. Experiment and see what feels right for you. We encourage you to listen to your body and take things slowly with each new START that you phase in, and Recuperate IQ is no different!


Why should I take the Recuperate IQ supplement over other copper supplements on the market?

Morley formulated Recuperate IQ to be a unique whole food blend consisting of: copper bisglycinate, beef liver powder, spirulina, and turmeric root extract. 

There are many good forms of copper supplements: copper creams, copper patches, copper hydrosol, etc. We have selected copper bisglycinate as it is a “chelated” copper bound to two molecules of glycine, which acts as the carrier. Glycine is a “non-essential” amino acid but is essential to gut health and every tissue in the body making it one of the best carriers for minerals. Copper bisglycinate is a highly absorbable form of copper that is well tolerated by most. 

It is best to consume copper along with whole foods, as they contain the co-factors that allow copper to be best absorbed and utilized by the body. This is why Recuperate IQ contains the nutrient dense additions of beef liver, spirulina, and turmeric; which provide a synergistic effect to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, while also aiding in the assimilation and effectiveness of the copper bisglycinate.

Why do I need more copper?

Copper is a vastly important mineral for the body that facilitates optimal enzyme function, cellular function, energy production, and overall health.

Copper is unique in that it helps our mitochondria create energy, while at the sametime clearing the exhaust (oxidants) that are produced during this process of creating energy inside our mitochondria.

Unfortunately, there are many modern day factors (farming practices, food processing, medications, and improper supplementation) which compromise copper in our environment and in our bodies.

Is Recuperate IQ safe for breastfeeding mothers?

We encourage everyone to go low and slow with all new supplements, and this would especially be encouraged for a breastfeeding mother. A general rule of thumb is that you want to avoid ingredients that promote detoxification in the body while breastfeeding; and in our opinion nothing in this product would be a contraindication in this regard.

Is Recuperate IQ safe for children?

We encourage everyone, regardless of their age, to go low and slow with any and all new supplement additions. This typically looks like adding in one new product every 5-7 days, oftentimes at a reduced dose, and then gradually building up to a full dose. This approach would be especially  recommended for children. All this being said, children need the same minerals and nutrients that adults do, and many RCPCs and other members of the community are happily giving this product to their children with positive results. 

Has Recuperate IQ been tested for heavy metals?

Yes! Formula IQ conducts both in-house and third party testing to ensure that all of the ingredients are free of heavy metals. You can reach out to them here for more information.


What is the source of the beef liver used in this supplement?

The beef liver comes from undefatted, grass-fed cattle in New Zealand. Undefatted is important when it comes to desiccated beef liver, as keeping the naturally occuring fat in place will help to better retain the copper, retinol, B vitamins and other key nutrients.

Some say that spirulina contains neurotoxins. Is the spirulina used in Recuperate IQ free and clear of this? Where has it been sourced?

We use spirulina sourced from a very pristine bed in Hawaii. Hawaiian spirulina should be the only form of Spirulina consumed as it has been found to be very clean and clear of toxins. We are confident that it is free from the neurotoxins that have been found in lower quality spirulina. If it’s not Hawaiian spirulina it is probably best to stay away from it. 

Spirulina has been included in Recuperate IQ because it is one of the richest sources of both copper and superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is an antioxidant enzyme that supports proper mitochondrial function. You can read more about the importance of SOD (and much more) here, here, and here.

Q: Why has turmeric been added to Recuperate IQ?

Inflammation in the gut will reduce the absorption of copper (and other nutrients). Turmeric root helps to reduce inflammation in the gut, which allows for increased absorption of this product and other consumed nutrients.

Is Recuperate IQ suitable for those who have previously had a negative reaction to a copper IUD or other copper containing products?

Copper IUDs are a metallic form of copper inserted into the body, a foreign body left in place and not in a position to be digested or utilized as a nutrient. The copper in Recuperate IQ is very different in terms of its delivery and bioavailability in the body, due to the chelation properties and addition of whole food ingredients.

We encourage everyone to go low and slow with all new supplements. If past experiences with other copper containing products have you feeling like being a little extra conservative with your approach to this supplement, you can open up a capsule, sprinkle a small amount on your food, and build your way up.

Is there any concern with Recuperate IQ or the RCP in general mobilizing stored/stuck iron too quickly? If so, could this lead to any negative detox type reactions?

It’s important to go slow with any new addition to your routine as this will reduce the odds of any detox type reactions from occuring. This includes both Recuperate and the RCP in general. Give your body time to adjust to all of these powerful nutrients that it has long been craving!

Morley Robbins quoted from the Recuperate Q&A Event on July 25/26th 2022:
“What we do know is that the protocol works. It will mobilize iron, because that’s what Mother Nature wanted copper to do all along. Iron was never designed to be put into storage. That’s not its purpose. It’s meant to be in circulation; in a recycling system called the reticuloendothelial system. It was never designed to be housed in massive bunkers of ferritin. That’s a modern invention that does not belong on this planet.

There are a lot of people who we had direct experience with, with iron overload. People with very, very high ferritin levels. People with iron saturations of 99%, and they’re doing just fine. They have regular blood donations, regular phlebotomies. I think by doing the entire protocol, doing the regular blood donations, and incorporating the Recuperate, I don’t think there’s going to be any issue. Again, it would be good to do that with the support of a practitioner trained in the RCP. That’s really why we have these training programs to make sure that people are more mindful of and sensitive to these unique aspects of trying to de-iron humanity. It’s a very different process than trying to load people up with iron, which I don’t think is working. But I think the individuals with iron overload should be fine using this product.”

You can find a Root Cause Protocol Consultant to help support you on your healing journey here.

Can I still eat beef liver or take other desiccated beef liver products if I’m taking Recuperate IQ?

Absolutely! Consuming quality beef liver is a highly recommended RCP START. Historically, it has been a great source of copper, retinol, B vitamins, and more! Grass-fed is best. If you are unable to source quality, grass-fed beef liver in your area, we would then recommend supplementing with it in desiccated form from any of the suppliers listed in our product directory, which can be found here.

Are beef liver supplements appropriate for those with iron overload issues? I know they contain a lot of copper but don’t they also contain a fair amount of iron?

This is a great question, as beef liver does contain both copper and iron. However, beef liver coming from a quality source where the land and soil has been well treated, should contain about 3X more copper than iron. The reality is that most foods today contain iron, but unfortunately, there are not a lot of good or reliable dietary sources of copper anymore. The fact that beef liver contains iron should not deter us from consuming this nutrient dense superfood. Quality beef liver contains all the nutrients that allow us to properly regulate the massive amounts of iron that most people in modern society have been exposed to.

I’ve heard that too much copper is bad. Could this product lead to copper toxicity?

It is possible that you can have too much of a good thing. This is why the dosing of copper in Recuperate IQ is actually pretty conservative compared to what some proponents of copper supplementation are currently recommending.

What some might be surprised to learn is that according to NIH guidelines, copper supplementation is safe up to 10mg daily. Please see the following link:

Morley Robbins quoted from the Recuperate Q&A Event on July 25/26th 2022:
“What does copper do? It wakes up the immune system. It wakes up the circulation. It wakes up the iron circulation system. I think that unfortunately what’s happened is a lot of the symptoms that have been attached to “copper toxicity” are in fact iron toxicity. But people don’t understand that. They’ve never known what the connection is between iron and oxidative stress, and they’re hand in glove together.

Why does copper exist on this planet? To keep iron and oxygen in proper regulation. The wholesale misery that exists on this planet because of a lack of bioavailable copper is hard to describe. That’s what we’ve devoted our time to now, and our work around the RCP. But I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding about copper, because people have never connected the dots to the iron side of the house, because they’ve been trained like circus bears to think it’s a copper problem.

What I think is amazing is as a society, we think nothing about adding iron to our diet, and we’re trepidatious about adding copper. Again, it’s the conditioning and the propaganda that we’ve been exposed to – and it’s just the opposite. People should be fearful about the amount of iron that’s been in their diet for their entire life, and really, almost angry about the deprivation of copper. It’s a striking and glaring flip flop that’s occurred in our food system over the course of the last century.”


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